Israel became the lab for Pfizer - #139

Back in 2021, Albert Bourla said that, "Israel became the lab for Pfizer" and everyone freaked out, which then got the "fact-checkers" to deny it ever happened. Well, now the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has admitted this was true.

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[jonathan_kogan]: to get into today baby um so
first thing first nan yahoo he's the prime

[jonathan_kogan]: minister of israel of israel don't know
why i did the don't know has nothing

[jonathan_kogan]: to do with hebrew nothing to do
with anything it was an unnecessary role so

[jonathan_kogan]: i meant israel nen who and the
one thing that objectively we can identify funny

[jonathan_kogan]: things even if the situation is not
funny because that's what we do when ye

[jonathan_kogan]: was going bananas on alex jones he
did have a net like a fishing net

[jonathan_kogan]: or some sort of net and he
had a bottle of yaou remember drinking you

[jonathan_kogan]: in the day and when he would
talk about net and yah he would say

[jonathan_kogan]: here's net and yahoo with a net
and then the yahoo a that ship was

[jonathan_kogan]: funny okay let's be real that is
funny and if you never had yahoo because

[jonathan_kogan]: a you're too young or b you
just never lived then sucks i have nothing

[jonathan_kogan]: else to say but nanyahwho was just
on jordan peterson's podcast which is associated with

[jonathan_kogan]: the daily wire which has nothing to
do with anything but i just wanted to

[jonathan_kogan]: say that because it's in the bottom
right corner of the video yeah and he

[jonathan_kogan]: talks about quote how israel let me
get the right quote how israel became quote

[jonathan_kogan]: israel became the lab for fizer isa
ministry of health denied it fives are denied

[jonathan_kogan]: there are fact checks on this that
they're not the lab for the vizor but

[jonathan_kogan]: literally days ago nan yau was talking
to jordan person like it was just another

[jonathan_kogan]: day talking about how he begged for
them to run experiments and make israel the

[jonathan_kogan]: official lab for visor because of their
elelkeelectronic health records being able to tell what

[jonathan_kogan]: happens to people down the road since
we have no long term data on the

[jonathan_kogan]: stuff that happened he literally talks about
it like it's butter it's crazy now correct

[jonathan_kogan]: me if i'm wrong maybe this is
not come off to you as wild maybe

[jonathan_kogan]: this comes off to you is totally
normal but if you don't remember a year

[jonathan_kogan]: ago or so albert bolla i wish
i was a little bit tula was on

[jonathan_kogan]: m b c and he said how
israel's the lab for five or everyone freaked

[jonathan_kogan]: out and then it was like fat
check i check fact he never meant it

[jonathan_kogan]: like that he meant it in a
good way you know let me just play

[jonathan_kogan]: the clip where it stems from because
if you don't remember this is where it

[jonathan_kogan]: came from it's very short clip it
was on m b c news with your

[jonathan_kogan]: boy what's his name lester holt whenever
this guy's name is a little cook but

[jonathan_kogan]: listen to this is what happened nd
people went ballistic

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: so that was it that's a little
short clip there so he was saying how

[jonathan_kogan]: israel is the lab because obviously we
can have long term data on something that

[jonathan_kogan]: was created months prior obviously and he
brings it up a few times so that's

[jonathan_kogan]: fine i have no problem with that
with consent let everybody know what's up and

[jonathan_kogan]: that you're an experience i have no
problem with that obviously but people we're outraged

[jonathan_kogan]: over that apparently okay and they're like
lab for the world what is that about

[jonathan_kogan]: oh my god what's going on that's
terrible you can't say that well the guy

[jonathan_kogan]: in charge of it all net and
ye who i wish i had net with

[jonathan_kogan]: a yah it's funny nan was on
jordan peterson like i said and says this

[jonathan_kogan]: this is a clip it's a two
minute clip and tell me if this sounds

[jonathan_kogan]: i think this comes off a lot
worse than nana who might think i think

[jonathan_kogan]: this comes off is really bad correct
me if i'm wrong but this sounds bad

[jonathan_kogan]: but again correct me if i'm wrong
here we go here's the prime miser of

[jonathan_kogan]: israel netting yah

[jonathan_kogan]: ah

[jonathan_kogan]: that fucking bananas i don't even know
what else to say what does that come

[jonathan_kogan]: off to you as that comes off
to you as hey big farm we want

[jonathan_kogan]: to give you all these people and
you can run anything you want you want

[jonathan_kogan]: to you want to change genetics come
to israel you want to change the jews

[jonathan_kogan]: come to israel what is that about
what is that about that is crazy does

[jonathan_kogan]: that not sound insane we could create
a genetic revolution just use our people you

[jonathan_kogan]: know what use the saliva people want
to give it will pay you we don't

[jonathan_kogan]: care we are the testing grounds for
farmer companies that ship is bananas i thought

[jonathan_kogan]: that that interview that particular take comes
off as absolute unaware banana banana bananas like

[jonathan_kogan]: that is bankers i don't even know
how that is does that not come off

[jonathan_kogan]: to you as like literally it's psychotic
like like could you imagine someone running your

[jonathan_kogan]: country and saying hey we are going
to help big farmers test whatever they want

[jonathan_kogan]: on our people whether they like it
or not and then we're going to give

[jonathan_kogan]: them a long term data on the
people like this has nothing to do with

[jonathan_kogan]: the this treatment specifically that we're talking
about here i'm on any treatment okay this

[jonathan_kogan]: con be for high blood pressure like
what this is crazy do all these people

[jonathan_kogan]: know that they're in an experiment and
that they're going to be experimented on to

[jonathan_kogan]: create this huge industry for big parma
and genetics by the way why are elite

[jonathan_kogan]: p obsessed with genetics they are obsessed
with eugenics they are obsessed with it what

[jonathan_kogan]: is the deal there it's weird and
they're also obsessed with children what is up

[jonathan_kogan]: with that what is up with elite
and pet filia and elite and genetics like

[jonathan_kogan]: ugeniswhat is up with that ship that
is so wild it is weird as ship

[jonathan_kogan]: that must they must have so much
power so much money so much influence so

[jonathan_kogan]: much all the stuff that he only
way they can have fun in this little

[jonathan_kogan]: thing called life is to change other
people's genetics and to like hurt children with

[jonathan_kogan]: pedifyes like there's no other game they
could play they own everything else what is

[jonathan_kogan]: going on how is this normal in
what world is this normal this is crazy

[jonathan_kogan]: that is bunkers okay i had to
get that off my chest because i thought

[jonathan_kogan]: that came off as absolute insanity if
if i'm wrong please comment either at k

[jonathan_kogan]: o g z on the video that
i posted on this or comment on run

[jonathan_kogan]: or even comment on the u tube
page and be like yeah you know this

[jonathan_kogan]: came off is totally normal like you're
out of your mind jonathan you're a fucking

[jonathan_kogan]: lunatic jonathan please tell me that i
want to hear it because i feel like

[jonathan_kogan]: i'm losing my mind each day and
by the way as we wrap out twenty

[jonathan_kogan]: twenty two i feel like we've accomplished
a lot together so far it's only been

[jonathan_kogan]: months we're not in we're not years
into this pod but i feel like that

[jonathan_kogan]: we've exposed a lot of truth i'm
sure you shared this with one person or

[jonathan_kogan]: another and if you haven't shared it
i think you i hope you've learned something

[jonathan_kogan]: i hope we've come to that i
hope we've realized that we have the same

[jonathan_kogan]: common enemy and that whether you're political
i'm not political or a political or you're

[jonathan_kogan]: a democrat republican or independent and i'm
a political that we could still be friends

[jonathan_kogan]: or are they you know you believe
in politics i don't believe in politics and

[jonathan_kogan]: we could still get along right right
you could you can look different than me

[jonathan_kogan]: and we get along you could be
black green brown whatever you can be christ

[jonathan_kogan]: catholic jewish i don't even care i
don't care why does anyone care who cares

[jonathan_kogan]: whatever you were born as like physically
or religious you have no fucking control over

[jonathan_kogan]: that who cares like who cares what
o i care what country you were born

[jonathan_kogan]: in what do i care what color
you are what do i care what your

[jonathan_kogan]: gender what your sex i literally couldn't
give a ship i can get even ship

[jonathan_kogan]: are you not are you cool to
hang with or you a fucking stupid ass

[jonathan_kogan]: who brings no value to the table
whichever it is i'm opening down to hang

[jonathan_kogan]: out with you but like i do
not care the things that you were born

[jonathan_kogan]: with that you did not dictate i
do not care i will never care i

[jonathan_kogan]: do not care i accept you and
i love you that's it point blank by

[jonathan_kogan]: the way next two things we got
to talk about here i'm gonna tie this

[jonathan_kogan]: next one into what an tweeted today
lans on fire it's crazy it's funny to

[jonathan_kogan]: watch on his platform or he posted
this mem here it's picture of canon reeves

[jonathan_kogan]: in the matrix and says what if
i told you the only way to escape

[jonathan_kogan]: the matrix is to unlearn everything that
you have been taught and rebuild your tire

[jonathan_kogan]: belief system based on critical thought and
analysis which is the whole thesis behind the

[jonathan_kogan]: pod and the reason this is important
is because yesterday andrew tate he's a big

[jonathan_kogan]: internet phenomenon was arrested for child for
like rape charges and like kidding women all

[jonathan_kogan]: this stuff and immediately there's a spaces
and there's people talking right away about how

[jonathan_kogan]: he's a rapist and how he has
girls illegally and he's guilty and all this

[jonathan_kogan]: other stuff then like hours later and
i'm not saying he's innocent and not say

[jonathan_kogan]: e's guilty either but you go right
to the worst thing and then slander slander

[jonathan_kogan]: oh my god we knew it we
knew it all long he's gonna be locked

[jonathan_kogan]: up for thirty days six days ninety
and they're on at another thirty then literally

[jonathan_kogan]: hours later he tweets out the matrix
has sent their agents he got out so

[jonathan_kogan]: they so i'm just saying hypothetically if
there were powerful people at the word economic

[jonathan_kogan]: forman elsewhere that andrew tate know is
rolling up young men and teaching things that

[jonathan_kogan]: is against the agenda of the elite
they would want to destroy him like they

[jonathan_kogan]: did with alex jones that's a very
millar type person right and so with tate

[jonathan_kogan]: is it's not even a matter if
he's actually guilty it's just discrediting him and

[jonathan_kogan]: making him look bad in the eye
of the public that's the purpose and then

[jonathan_kogan]: once you do that and you put
the news on repeat all over the place

[jonathan_kogan]: and and people amazing me is people
buy into this matrix and whatever propaganda there

[jonathan_kogan]: is at whatever certain whatever the current
thing is people are automata like yeah and

[jonathan_kogan]: so now entertain bad oh my god
raven he can be proving innocent down the

[jonathan_kogan]: road but if it damages his name
clause and his friends they win they won

[jonathan_kogan]: now i don't know if he's guilty
or not but these people who jumped on

[jonathan_kogan]: the twitter space and immediately go oh
we knew it all i'm like i tweeted

[jonathan_kogan]: back at the syrian girl their names
syrian girl on twitter i was like you

[jonathan_kogan]: made some good points but you might
want to chill and wait for more information

[jonathan_kogan]: because you're throwing your whole reputation on
the line you're saying you know what he's

[jonathan_kogan]: guilty all the stuff you gonna be
locked up forever all the stuff and then

[jonathan_kogan]: what do you know jonathan hogan again
unbiased un affiliated with political party is un

[jonathan_kogan]: affiliated with people i am sociopathic when
it comes to decision making objectively which ironically

[jonathan_kogan]: is a good thing weird way i
don't know how i as to say that

[jonathan_kogan]: but i am able to make decisions
and analyze public events with zero emotion i

[jonathan_kogan]: didn't know that that was such a
gift i am unable to be brainwashed that

[jonathan_kogan]: is just a gift i guess i
am so good identifying propaganda i don't know

[jonathan_kogan]: what it is i guess i just
have an innate emotional intelligence that's all time

[jonathan_kogan]: which i've always knew i had but
i had no idea that nobody else had

[jonathan_kogan]: it so that's why i do this
podcast because i share it with you i

[jonathan_kogan]: want i want to give it i
want to give it away i want o

[jonathan_kogan]: give it away i want to help
so i here's my opinion he might be

[jonathan_kogan]: guilty he might be everything this lady
said she he is but my bet is

[jonathan_kogan]: is that it is the matrix attacking
him and that he's probably not guilty that's

[jonathan_kogan]: a guess i'm not goin to put
my whole reputation on the line there it

[jonathan_kogan]: just looks very fishy in fact if
you watched him on the last full sen

[jonathan_kogan]: podcast he literally says oh i should
play this you know i can pull i'll

[jonathan_kogan]: just say it he's getting interview and
he goes you know i'm really worried because

[jonathan_kogan]: because the oh i got i got
i got to play this i got to

[jonathan_kogan]: play this um so andrew tate predicts
a you know what i could do i

[jonathan_kogan]: think i saved it it was like
an instagram clip and i somehow book marked

[jonathan_kogan]: it whatever that means and you got
to just listen to this or watch it

[jonathan_kogan]: this is fantastic he predicts this okay
and i think he's right about what he

[jonathan_kogan]: says so here we got here we
go ready he predicts it take a listen

[jonathan_kogan]: or watch we're go hold on give
me five seconds hold on i'm gonna play

[jonathan_kogan]: for you i'm not even gonna say
it so this was andrew tate on the

[jonathan_kogan]: full cent podcast and then yesterday he
was arrested for all these sects hold on

[jonathan_kogan]: we got ready here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: so that was it so that so
he said it's a three step thing first

[jonathan_kogan]: you're canceled like basically popping on the
matrix but you're getting canceled from the matrix

[jonathan_kogan]: he got canceled all the accounts for
the lead and simultaneously just chance all the

[jonathan_kogan]: all the iffen social meding companies just
on the same day on affiliate it ne

[jonathan_kogan]: took away is accounts and banks and
stuff he was de banked in the ober

[jonathan_kogan]: bam wild stuff that didn't work he
gets a rumble deal he's on twitter because

[jonathan_kogan]: elon and he says they come to
arrest you that happens yesterday so i don't

[jonathan_kogan]: know what's true not true i would
hold back from jump in to conclusion that

[jonathan_kogan]: this guy's rapes and i would wait
till you get more information i would wait

[jonathan_kogan]: patiently i would say if someone says
what's your plan in your take i would

[jonathan_kogan]: say i do not have an opinion
i learned from the john in the cogan

[jonathan_kogan]: show we should wait for more information
before making such rash decisions and putting our

[jonathan_kogan]: whole reputation a lion and spilling our
hearts out of how we feel about someone

[jonathan_kogan]: even though we have no data to
back it up they'll say oh my god

[jonathan_kogan]: do you get that podcast and you
can say j s k dot transistor dot

[jonathan_kogan]: f m go subscribe where you get
podcastokay that's the last advertisement i got there

[jonathan_kogan]: m we talked about i'm gonna get
into one more thing real quick because it's

[jonathan_kogan]: important we talked about the fifteen minute
cities on the last podcast or two podcastagoes

[jonathan_kogan]: they're making fifteen minutes cities basically because
of the pandemic so horrible when you fifteen

[jonathan_kogan]: cities you know your homes here it's
actually for the climate in fact i'll pull

[jonathan_kogan]: up the agenda on the word economic
lorin website because everyting they put on the

[jonathan_kogan]: website becomes true it's just weird how
that happens i guess it's just a coincidence

[jonathan_kogan]: um we're economic form the surprising stickiness
of the fifteen minutes city uhurbanism trends come

[jonathan_kogan]: and go but the fifteen minutes city
framing of walkable mixed use urban development is

[jonathan_kogan]: a lot more than a fad saying
that the fifteen minute concept which implies having

[jonathan_kogan]: all necessary amenities within short walk bike
ride or public transit from one's home has

[jonathan_kogan]: demonstrated stickiness not just as an idea
but as a powerful tool for action from

[jonathan_kogan]: paris to soul from bogota to houston
so everybody is craving this in fact it

[jonathan_kogan]: says supposedly uh it says since the
pandemic everybody wants to you know not travel

[jonathan_kogan]: any more and we got to save
that we got hyper envenom environmental ism and

[jonathan_kogan]: we love the earth on this podcast
love the entire solar system we are obsessed

[jonathan_kogan]: with earth we look at earth as
our home and we love it and we

[jonathan_kogan]: love to take care of it at
the same time we don't like to be

[jonathan_kogan]: prisoners on our own land okay straight
off okay we still believe in if bill

[jonathan_kogan]: gates can fly i can fly okay
that's it that's the point so i'm play

[jonathan_kogan]: this minute fifty six i'll read it
for you if you're listening if you're not

[jonathan_kogan]: watching this is the video because every
so the w f makes these like video

[jonathan_kogan]: there like two minute videos and they're
like background pictures you know like like post

[jonathan_kogan]: card pictures with writing it switches to
another one writing and tells like little story

[jonathan_kogan]: and it basically predicts the future of
exactly what's going to happen so you should

[jonathan_kogan]: listen very carefully because all of it
comes true everything comes true okay fires is

[jonathan_kogan]: going to beak out all of it
comes true here we go starts off by

[jonathan_kogan]: saying paris is planning to become a
fifteen minute city here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: where everything you need is within a
fifteen minute radius on foot or bike the

[jonathan_kogan]: aim is to cut car use resulting
in fewer co two admissions and cleaner air

[jonathan_kogan]: along with more pleasant urban life or
peasant urban life paris mayor and have the

[jonathan_kogan]: aco wants every street to have a
cycle lane by twenty twenty four and proposes

[jonathan_kogan]: removing sixty thousand on street parking as
replacing them with green space alotments and playgrounds

[jonathan_kogan]: instead it sounds great they're very good
at pitching paris has already banned cars one

[jonathan_kogan]: sunday a month and along the river
scene and during lock down created fifty kilometer

[jonathan_kogan]: more cycle lands while while you are
like in the fifteen minute city buildings are

[jonathan_kogan]: used for multiple purposes schools might host
different activities at the weekend for example and

[jonathan_kogan]: the concept aims to nurture local pride
amor des at least in urban dwellers the

[jonathan_kogan]: pandemic has led many cities to re
think design as people keep to their local

[jonathan_kogan]: area hasn't harris isn't the first to
adopt a hyper local model oh no melbourne

[jonathan_kogan]: oh yeah it's really tyrannical there is
testing out twenty minute neighborhoods and milan is

[jonathan_kogan]: running a fifteen minute pilot in the
lazarato area some critics say hyper localism could

[jonathan_kogan]: inhibit the cluster effect often cited as
key to the success of cities whereby specialists

[jonathan_kogan]: and their competitors work in close proximity
leading to faster innovation the fifteen minute concept

[jonathan_kogan]: was developed by cabane professor carlos moreno
based on work by jane jacobs who thought

[jonathan_kogan]: the neighborhood wasn't just about buildings but
social networks too could your area be a

[jonathan_kogan]: fifteen minute neighborhood kiss my ass no
so anyways sorry for my language just got

[jonathan_kogan]: to tell them what's up so let
me talk about his fit city for five

[jonathan_kogan]: you know i'll just pull it up
here yes we just pulled up we're gonna

[jonathan_kogan]: pu it up so here's what it
looks like let's let's talk about this real

[jonathan_kogan]: quick oh no so if you actually
go to the oxford city council website they

[jonathan_kogan]: actually have the they have the whole
p f document i just can't share it

[jonathan_kogan]: on my screen so i'll just read
it but here oxford traffic filters so let

[jonathan_kogan]: me telyowhat's happening oxford is creating it
first and they and if you go to

[jonathan_kogan]: a factor there's a factor that said
no there will be no barriers outside of

[jonathan_kogan]: the city to prevent you from taking
your car out that is true there are

[jonathan_kogan]: no physical or physical barriers while you
were locked down the past couple of years

[jonathan_kogan]: on the streets the lights on the
streets cameras were installed everywhere okay there are

[jonathan_kogan]: more cameras watching you in the united
sates of america than there are in china

[jonathan_kogan]: okay think about that and in odon
london is the third most has the third

[jonathan_kogan]: most cameras of any city in the
world just want you to know that if

[jonathan_kogan]: you're in london and oh my god
there's so much to say and at the

[jonathan_kogan]: same time the new york city may
or mayor adams literally said this is a

[jonathan_kogan]: political article by the way he said
big brother he goes big brother he goes

[jonathan_kogan]: yes big brother is protecting you mayor
adams of new york city said and it's

[jonathan_kogan]: like the title of the political article
it said big brother is protecting you like

[jonathan_kogan]: it's a good thing like thank you
oh my god i got just pull this

[jonathan_kogan]: up becase you on't even believe me
big brother is what is nineteen ightyfour that's

[jonathan_kogan]: what our wells book is on okay
and he said it like it's a good

[jonathan_kogan]: thing oh here it is ready this
is crazy this is unbelievable and and the

[jonathan_kogan]: aletes commune with they communicate with each
other in public through like politico and you

[jonathan_kogan]: know other magazines like the atlantic uh
you know washington post those are all you

[jonathan_kogan]: know fancy people deep state stuff hold
on a second ah big brother look at

[jonathan_kogan]: this this is real are you watching
political big brother is protecting you eric adams

[jonathan_kogan]: pledge is stronger policing more technology and
twenty twenty three big brother is protecting you

[jonathan_kogan]: are you joking they just put it
in the open now they don't care what

[jonathan_kogan]: you think they don't care it doesn't
matter it's going to happen anyways so oxford

[jonathan_kogan]: so in oxford they're on a fifteen
minute city and now there's no physical barriers

[jonathan_kogan]: but there's a eye barriers that can
read your plates and you can only take

[jonathan_kogan]: your car out like one time or
a hundred times a year if you want

[jonathan_kogan]: outside of the fifteen minute limits in
fact i'll just play a clip a short

[jonathan_kogan]: cliff from g b news this is
this is a real new site i'll play

[jonathan_kogan]: a little video here about how they
say it's undemocratic but here's a fifteen minute

[jonathan_kogan]: city here re i don't know i
guess these are just other news anger don't

[jonathan_kogan]: kno why they have more credibility than
the john at the ogan show they just

[jonathan_kogan]: are on a different channel okay welcome
to the new era of media take a

[jonathan_kogan]: listen to what they say if you
respect g b n live more this is

[jonathan_kogan]: in the u k

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: okay so i'm goin to stop it
there so so here's here's the craziest part

[jonathan_kogan]: i wasn't gonna get into this but
you waited this long so it's very special

[jonathan_kogan]: a man joby has over twenty five
years of experience working in silicon valley as

[jonathan_kogan]: an engineer primarily on camera technologies and
he talks about how there's extremely alarming technologies

[jonathan_kogan]: being set up in what is called
smart cities and cities all around us how

[jonathan_kogan]: five ges connected to the lights and
the lights can be using the weapon all

[jonathan_kogan]: the stuff it's crazy and i want
to play this interview for you maria but

[jonathan_kogan]: i'm gonna play this little summary of
it and this is just crazy again you

[jonathan_kogan]: gotta look into the tuff yourself you
got to look into this stuff yourself okay

[jonathan_kogan]: here we go im goin to play
this clip and we'll end it here about

[jonathan_kogan]: what i'm trying to get into with
these smart cities and why they're doing it

[jonathan_kogan]: because ah who said the israelites r
experiment objects we are experiment objects or the

[jonathan_kogan]: we are all in an experiment and
if we don't wake up this ship is

[jonathan_kogan]: all going to happen and you elke
something this is your chance join freedom movement

[jonathan_kogan]: of life okay where we are team
peasant i'm not i am team peasant not

[jonathan_kogan]: controled opposition team peasant forever and we're
taking peasants to the top baby and i

[jonathan_kogan]: mean so here's a summary report i
like this it's good it's very intense so

[jonathan_kogan]: i like listening to it here we
go ready we're gonna play it

[jonathan_kogan]: ah

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah ah

[jonathan_kogan]: unbelievable believable it's very good very good
now i don't think that they're killing anyone

[jonathan_kogan]: i'm not into that whole stick but
the point is that the lights are going

[jonathan_kogan]: up and there's definitely connection to internet
of things and you know the five g

[jonathan_kogan]: and all that stuff definitely real um
what it's goin to be used for is

[jonathan_kogan]: i'm sure the intent is good but
the question is can the stuff be like

[jonathan_kogan]: weaponized against people right like the patroid
act after nine eleven we al thought it

[jonathan_kogan]: was great fantastic but then the surveilance
went against us the people it's just about

[jonathan_kogan]: who's the control of that thing and
there's always a great saying like whatever you

[jonathan_kogan]: create you should be able you should
be okay putting your enemy in roll of

[jonathan_kogan]: whatever you create if you don't want
to do that then you shouldn't create whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: you're creating it could be dangerous right
so anyways the point is a lot of

[jonathan_kogan]: shandon s going on and people are
just droning out here and we just need

[jonathan_kogan]: to wake up and then figured out
what to do next because otherwise we're gonna

[jonathan_kogan]: be in fifteen minutes cities and we're
going to be we're goin to turn on

[jonathan_kogan]: big brother who's protecting you mayor adams
bill gates the whole shenanigans and i'm just

[jonathan_kogan]: not about that life let's keep and
by the way i think playing tickets are

[jonathan_kogan]: outrageous right now you should go look
them up crazy because they're putting gas through

[jonathan_kogan]: the energies going energy been at guys
food is being weaponized everything money is being

[jonathan_kogan]: weaponized the u s dollars being weaponized
against foreign adversaries it's all going on in

[jonathan_kogan]: front of your face but as we
wrap out the new year all i want

[jonathan_kogan]: to say is god bless i hope
you had a good twenty twenty two twenty

[jonathan_kogan]: twenty three is going to be rocky
twenty twenty four will probably be rocky but

[jonathan_kogan]: then i think we turn the corner
and start going back to the right direction

[jonathan_kogan]: and by twenty twenty seven I think
things will be very good but until then

[jonathan_kogan]: we got to stay free all right
everybody I'm out god bless stay up subscribe

[jonathan_kogan]: to The Jonathan Kogan Show share with a
friend good bye

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