How WEF's Simulated Cyber Attack Could Impact You - #161

The World Economic Forum hosted a cyberattack simulation called 'Cyber Polygon' to prepare for the "next pandemic". The reason we are focusing on this today (as well as the energy grid attacks) is because this same group of people hosted 'Event 201', which predicted the C19 pandemic spot on. In fact, it was deeply worrying as to how similar the pandemic was to the simulation they ran just 6-weeks before the first C19 case was declared.

In 2023, it seems we keep jumping from crisis to crisis and instead of burying our head in the sand waiting to see what happens, we want to prepare for what is *likely* to happen. This one can be the most damaging and it might occur soon since it may directly relate to the Russia Ukraine war. Here's everything you need to know about the simulation and what to *potentially* expect based on their own words and documents.

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How WEF's Simulated Cyber Attack Could Impact You - #161
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