DJ tyDi: The Power of Hope - #114

DJ tyDi's extensive discography, which includes five full-length albums, countless singles and remixes, and numerous EPs across diverse genres on various labels from Republic to Armada, tyDi has topped global charts, toured the world and made an indelible mark on the music world. Today, he graces us with his story and reminds everyone of the power of hope.

[jonathan_kogan]: There we go that was the fastest
countdown of all time and Facebook doesn't let

[jonathan_kogan]: us on all right we're alive we're
live awesome

[tydi]: we're

[jonathan_kogan]: welcome

[tydi]: alive

[jonathan_kogan]: to The Jonathan Kogan Show we got a
very special guest today

[tydi]: well

[jonathan_kogan]: you

[tydi]: on

[jonathan_kogan]: probably know you probably know him as
tidy but tyson in fact i'm not even

[jonathan_kogan]: going to give an intro I'm gonna
have you describe who you are

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: a little bit about yourself what you
what you've done maybe professionally and then

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: then we'll get how that road led

[tydi]: well

[jonathan_kogan]: somehow to the giant the ogan show

[tydi]: compound

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah yeah

[tydi]: okay so

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: my name is tyson my artist name
is tidy

[jonathan_kogan]: yah

[tydi]: i travelled while playing music

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: i am a composer a sound engineer
um all sorts of things but you know

[tydi]: what this is not about me so
let's not do that don't put me in

[tydi]: the spot like that bro

[jonathan_kogan]: okay okay all right so so all
right i do want to start off because

[jonathan_kogan]: you know we hear a lot about
what's happening around the world and actually the

[jonathan_kogan]: third largest group that listens to podcast
is actually in australia it goes it's

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: u k australia

[tydi]: uh

[jonathan_kogan]: actually

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: think it goes to canada australia i
might add but

[tydi]: no

[jonathan_kogan]: we see what's going on the past
couple of years which has probably been crazy

[jonathan_kogan]: but's hard to tell what's true what's

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: not true but can you little context

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: your story

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: at least and kind of like how

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: before i get in your

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: first tweet just kind of what happened
in twenty twenty twenty twenty one that kind

[jonathan_kogan]: of took a little you turn you
know that you didn't expect can you

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: give us litle context on that

[tydi]: yes so i am

[jonathan_kogan]: my

[tydi]: i'm an australian citizen i was born

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: but i moved to america and lived
ten years in hollywood in that echo chamber

[tydi]: bubble and then i came back to
australia i got a vaccine um to help

[tydi]: everybody unfortunately it messed me up and
gave me paralysis and all sorts of things

[tydi]: the doctor advised me to get a
second one and i you know filmy once

[tydi]: for me twice i know you're on
give me help for this i took the

[tydi]: doctor's advice and i got the second
vaccine and guessed what straight back to hospital

[tydi]: paralyzed again so yeah it's i mean
i could tell you all the details but

[tydi]: i don't think we need

[jonathan_kogan]: so

[tydi]: to waste

[jonathan_kogan]: after

[tydi]: down time

[jonathan_kogan]: after after the first one day did
the did the i guess did

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: the i want to say side effects
but my dad always says it's not side

[jonathan_kogan]: effect there just affects but

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: did did they subs sighed and then
the second one that came back or they

[jonathan_kogan]: never really went away and hen they

[tydi]: so it compounded so the first one
i was recovering from that i took advice

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: from the gold coach university hospital i
won't name the the but i was advised

[tydi]: to take a second one and i
know a lot of people are going to

[tydi]: say like mean things about this but
i took their advice i took the second

[tydi]: one and it gave me permanent i
hope it's not permanent like please um but

[tydi]: what's called in your apathy which is
basically an umbrella term for damage to the

[tydi]: nervous system on presented itself in damage
to my spinal cord i

[jonathan_kogan]: how long ago was this when you
when the symptoms started

[tydi]: so we're in two thousand twenty two

[jonathan_kogan]: two

[tydi]: last summer

[jonathan_kogan]: hm

[tydi]: time traveler

[jonathan_kogan]: m uh ah so it

[tydi]: yes

[jonathan_kogan]: was last year

[tydi]: yes correct

[jonathan_kogan]: okay yes

[tydi]: and now and now

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: i wake up every day in excruciating

[jonathan_kogan]: one one to ten like is it

[tydi]: to seven

[jonathan_kogan]: pain seven man i've just heard so
many of these stories and i mean

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: there's there's a couple positives actually the
two positive i would say is i've went

[jonathan_kogan]: through some long term chronic illnesses that
for me last lasted ten years till till

[jonathan_kogan]: actually twenty twenty one when it went
away i dout smething for twelve years and

[jonathan_kogan]: i went away so the good news
is i would say it's definitely you can't

[jonathan_kogan]: say it's permanent yet

[tydi]: m

[jonathan_kogan]: they say you have to give it
like two years when someting or something no

[jonathan_kogan]: nor logical happens so

[tydi]: okay

[jonathan_kogan]: i would

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: obviously keep hope and hope is

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: something you talk about often and then
also is the people that unfortunately there's people

[jonathan_kogan]: that took it in art here to
tell their story and that's why i think

[jonathan_kogan]: it's so important for us to talk
about this

[tydi]: can we talk about hope for just
one second

[jonathan_kogan]: please

[tydi]: okay so people i think that a
lot of people

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: think that hope is just something from
star was but it's fundamental in how proceed

[tydi]: with life and i'm going to give
you a real life example

[jonathan_kogan]: okay

[tydi]: so in australia there is a company
called opera a h p r a and

[tydi]: they govern all of the doctors every
doctor in australia they

[jonathan_kogan]: so

[tydi]: at their whim

[jonathan_kogan]: the american medical association type deal for
america is that similar

[tydi]: i can't i can't speak for america

[jonathan_kogan]: okay

[tydi]: but they can de register doctors like
that they can

[jonathan_kogan]: take

[tydi]: take

[jonathan_kogan]: away

[tydi]: their

[jonathan_kogan]: their

[tydi]: license

[jonathan_kogan]: ability to practice

[tydi]: yes correct

[jonathan_kogan]: okay

[tydi]: so what i noticed was that i
went from door to door to door to

[tydi]: doctor and every single one of those
doctors said i would like to tell you

[tydi]: what's happening but i can't write it
down i can't write it down if i

[tydi]: do i will lose my job

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: now after five times

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: that's enough to go all right something's
up someone is holding these doctors like like

[tydi]: they're they're hanging them by a noose
ready to just dropped the platform and i

[tydi]: realized very quickly it's not the doctor's
fault because the doctors they might have kids

[tydi]: family they've spent their whole life trying
to just help people and then this company

[tydi]: comes along called opera and says hey
say the wrong thing and we just delay

[tydi]: your job that's messed up man you
can't just delete someone who's practiced for seven

[tydi]: years who has done a specialty that's
crazy i went to opera

[jonathan_kogan]: ah

[tydi]: and what i did was i said
everybody post on operas paid our concerns if

[tydi]: they are truly kind people who care
about public confidence they will respond well they

[tydi]: didn't respond in fact they just shut
down all of the comments they

[jonathan_kogan]: oh my

[tydi]: sent

[jonathan_kogan]: god

[tydi]: it they centered

[jonathan_kogan]: yes

[tydi]: mothers they censured people who truly cared
about their future they they were they just

[tydi]: shot it down and this is the
problem maybe someone weak in the social media

[tydi]: team couldn't handle it but this is
this is what i want to say before

[tydi]: you set legislation and they have set
legislation that changes the doctor patient relationship

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: to public

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: confidence how about this pre how about
have someone on the social

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: media front to deal with the public's
concern because no one was doing that and

[tydi]: today we have win i pressed and
i pressed and i pressed and they finally

[tydi]: deleted the posts and they have allowed
comments and now people can hopefully continue to

[tydi]: raise the concerns with opera now it's
a small win it doesn't mean that i've

[tydi]: conquered the death star you know but
every little wind counts and hope is what

[tydi]: matters

[jonathan_kogan]: but that's it is you know

[tydi]: a

[jonathan_kogan]: it's like it's not like the win
of all but it is a big win

[jonathan_kogan]: because that win then lead you to
believe you can get another bigger win and

[jonathan_kogan]: then another bigger win and then it
keeps them men im going

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: so it's a story about hope but
it's also a story about perseverance

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: and what if you

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: just keep knocking on that door that
door is going to open like you just

[jonathan_kogan]: like i really believe in life like
the success of a lot of people it's

[jonathan_kogan]: not

[tydi]: eh

[jonathan_kogan]: the most talented people that make it
often it's the people who just never stop

[jonathan_kogan]: and just keep going like they just

[tydi]: you's

[jonathan_kogan]: don't stop

[tydi]: got to keep perseverance

[jonathan_kogan]: a

[tydi]: up you've got to keep love

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: you have to remember that that this
is the thing the divide that has been

[tydi]: create did if you look at like
what is going on in the world today

[tydi]: we have people on one side going
hey you're all messed up and we have

[tydi]: people on the other side saying you
guys are messed up but

[jonathan_kogan]: hm

[tydi]: if you if you zoom out like
a drone for a second and you look

[tydi]: at those people really what's going on
is that something bigger has divided them and

[tydi]: we need to think about that

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: and we need to focus on that
and we need to get rid of that

[tydi]: divide and go hey you're a human
i'm a human we're all human beings on

[tydi]: this tiny

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: blue dot together let's work this out
with kindness and love and compassion

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: and once we do that then we
can focus on well who really

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: is trying to divide us and then
we move up the chain

[jonathan_kogan]: that's why i started this podcast i
was realizing there's these two sides but like

[jonathan_kogan]: this this is a pro human podcast

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: pro kindness pro love pro we don't
care what your views are just be nice

[jonathan_kogan]: to one another

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: we do this is an a political
podcast we don't have political views we don't

[jonathan_kogan]: believe in politics

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: it's all about your that that's exactly
the reason for this because what people i

[jonathan_kogan]: think a lot of the divide is

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: intentionally done by the powers of b
so the peasants fight each other but what

[jonathan_kogan]: people understand is if you're hearing this
podcast you're a peasant which is a good

[jonathan_kogan]: thing by the way because

[tydi]: well

[jonathan_kogan]: we've never

[tydi]: let

[jonathan_kogan]: lost

[tydi]: me

[jonathan_kogan]: in all of history

[tydi]: let me let me stop you there

[jonathan_kogan]: okay

[tydi]: the people that are listening to this
podcast you are not peasants every single one

[tydi]: of you loved and you have hope
one word hope hold on to that never

[tydi]: let go for as long as you
have hope you

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: have a chance and if we all
come together and

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: unify we can take down the monster

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[tydi]: okay it's just like a video game
it's just like when

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: you meet the boss the end level
they want to divide you i am here

[tydi]: to give your voice i am here
to unite you i am here to show

[tydi]: everybody that human beings are human beings
on this pale blue

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: dot loading through space speeding around the
sun we have hope and hold on to

[tydi]: it dearly and i treasure it because
when we when we truly understand that and

[tydi]: when we i see everyone bashing

[jonathan_kogan]: eh

[tydi]: each other in the comments talk to
people like you would do it if you

[tydi]: in the same room

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: with that person would you say that
to their face would you really say that

[tydi]: to their face i don't think so
so hold on to hope hold into love

[tydi]: and i promise you love will win
this love always wins

[jonathan_kogan]: ah

[tydi]: let's blow up the death star together

[jonathan_kogan]: don't you think that's happening slowly do
you feel it or no

[tydi]: oh do i feel it do i
look like i feel it

[jonathan_kogan]: i think it just at

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: least for the past called months i've
like i would say a year ago hope

[jonathan_kogan]: i always had

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: hope like it was like

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: i don't know if we're going to
come through this but then like for the

[jonathan_kogan]: past called months it keeps building

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: momentum you see more people speaking more
people like okay wait a second we're divided

[jonathan_kogan]: but maybe we shouldn't be divided let's
re evaluate let's let's

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: zoom out and realize oh wait i

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: friends with you three years ago and

[tydi]: kate

[jonathan_kogan]: we just

[tydi]: dude let me point something up i
had to look at the top left hand

[tydi]: corner of my screen to remember your

[jonathan_kogan]: thanks

[tydi]: jonathan

[jonathan_kogan]: yes

[tydi]: okay

[jonathan_kogan]: my

[tydi]: jonathan you might disagree with me on
a lot of things and i might disagree

[tydi]: with you on a lot of things
but what we need to focus on right

[tydi]: now is the things that we agree
on if it's a van diagram we have

[tydi]: two circles one here and one here
do we want to sit in our echo

[tydi]: chambers of anger or do we want
to cross that diver d and your passionate

[tydi]: and loving empathy and compassion and kindness
do you want that to collide with mine

[tydi]: and my armies compassion empathy and kindness
because when we do that you and i

[tydi]: unify and when we unify

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: we are we outnumber them yes i

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: you know who them is

[jonathan_kogan]: who is the

[tydi]: well there the people trying to divide

[jonathan_kogan]: who are they why would anyone want
to do such a thing

[tydi]: money

[jonathan_kogan]: you think it's all money

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: greed

[tydi]: i see your loaded question and i'm
very well equipped with logical fallacies so you

[tydi]: say i think it's all money not
necessarily i think that some people are tricked

[tydi]: and some people don't even know what's
happening i think that even my and you

[tydi]: can be fooled so when i save
money and full the money

[jonathan_kogan]: oh yeah

[tydi]: i mean be vare careful where you
look now you and i could disagree on

[tydi]: a lot i think what's more important
is that you and i agree a lot

[tydi]: and we focus on the bits that
we agree on and again now divide i

[tydi]: just saw i'm looking at your eyes
i know this is hard over the

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: over the inter webs but i'm looking
in your eyes and i see that smile

[tydi]: and i see that humanity and i
see the love in your heart and i

[tydi]: see that you want to make a
change you wouldn't be doing this you wouldn't

[tydi]: be questioning me if you didn't want
to make a change so i see love

[tydi]: i see kindness

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: i see hope in your heart and
i believe that you know what i'm talking

[tydi]: about there are people who i weren't
name who are trying to make us you

[tydi]: and me let's use this as an
example an enemy of each other they're trying

[tydi]: to make us fight but i'm here
to say i'm not going to fight with

[tydi]: you bro and you're not going to
fight with me we're going to be friends

[jonathan_kogan]: and

[tydi]: we're

[jonathan_kogan]: that

[tydi]: going

[jonathan_kogan]: terrifies

[tydi]: to tea

[jonathan_kogan]: them this terrifies them the fact that

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: we're not separated and we do realize
that there's love

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: and that we are on the same
team and this is what terrifies the powers

[jonathan_kogan]: that be more than anything right

[tydi]: i guess they under i guess they
underestimated the power

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: of hope

[jonathan_kogan]: for sure totally miscoculated yes obviously

[tydi]: so

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: so when i look at you and
i and i mean this i've never met

[tydi]: you but you look like a kind
person you look like a caring person you

[tydi]: look like a person who wants to
make change and i'm sure that you and

[tydi]: i sat down in the same room
together we could probably have a very fruitful

[tydi]: conversation we could probably disagree on a
lot and we could agree on a lot

[tydi]: again that division is merely a cover
up for a conversation

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[tydi]: it's a place in which

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: you and i could speak it out
and we can talk to each other and

[tydi]: we could find common ground

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: we could find a place where you
might say to me you know what i

[tydi]: don't fully agree and i might say
i don't fully agree and that's okay is

[tydi]: not agreeing to disagree is it shouldn't
be a crime that is the essence of

[tydi]: science

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: so so so by me being here
and talking to you wish should understand that

[tydi]: you have love in your heart i
have love in my heart and we have

[tydi]: a common goal and the people they
are outnumbered now

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: they're in trouble

[tydi]: they're in trouble

[jonathan_kogan]: i totally agree i couldn't agree more
i want to i just want to ask

[jonathan_kogan]: you about one of your tweets that
you just that you just made nd it's

[jonathan_kogan]: totally on this topic

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: actually right before we started recording but
you wrote this is november fifth was it

[jonathan_kogan]: the seven dear america as a resident
of ten years i miss your constitutional right

[jonathan_kogan]: to free speech never ever let that
go dear australia thank you for being awesome

[jonathan_kogan]: but please don't neglect us let's unite
and lead with i still have hope what

[jonathan_kogan]: do you mean by that with the
free speech

[tydi]: so america is awesome in the sense
that it has a fundamental constititutional right to

[tydi]: free speech

[jonathan_kogan]: we

[tydi]: meaning

[jonathan_kogan]: used to

[tydi]: that

[jonathan_kogan]: we lost sight

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: of

[tydi]: thought

[jonathan_kogan]: that temporarily as a culture we've lost
sight of that for sure that's the whole

[jonathan_kogan]: censorship and cancel culture

[tydi]: well remember it's in your constitution so

[jonathan_kogan]: incredible

[tydi]: haven't so you

[jonathan_kogan]: right

[tydi]: haven't

[jonathan_kogan]: right

[tydi]: like here's the problem here's the problem
you just said to me i've lost sight

[tydi]: i've lost sight of that that's a
problem dude

[tydi]: you have a constitution you have a
right to free speech that is

[jonathan_kogan]: i

[tydi]: beautiful that is unimaginably just incredible

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: so use your right to free speech
use it yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: it's the first one too it's the
first right that we have

[tydi]: a and

[jonathan_kogan]: it that without that nothing else matters
is what the whole the founding fathers thought

[jonathan_kogan]: i mean it was pretty genius to
be honest it's wild

[tydi]: i would say it's it's genius but
it's also just very intelligent and it's just

[tydi]: very well thought out the right to
be able to have free speech under any

[tydi]: circumstance is it's crucial to the ebgression
of society so don't lose that dude don't

[jonathan_kogan]: has

[tydi]: lose

[jonathan_kogan]: a

[tydi]: it

[jonathan_kogan]: and but the reason you wrote that
though it did do you feel like that's

[jonathan_kogan]: not what's happening at least in australia
where you are now i know you live

[jonathan_kogan]: in the states ten years but i
know it's is free speech not really happening

[jonathan_kogan]: is kind of what's what's it like
right now in australia when it comes to

[jonathan_kogan]: that

[tydi]: all right well i mean if you
want to know my

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: story so i was vaccine injured again
twice and then

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: put in the covid wood because i
cut and nearly died and was told i'm

[tydi]: a fing biohyzid and treated like trash
for two weeks so i was a prisoner

[tydi]: in my own country

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: that's how australia treated me

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: and i lived in america for ten
years so i got used to the right

[tydi]: to free speech i got used to
that to go back to australia and find

[tydi]: out that it's not the case here
is terrifying it's horrific the horror the share

[tydi]: horror in that should be something that
we talk about oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah no absolutely that's you know that
something that the people the same people who

[jonathan_kogan]: divided us they did a very good
job of making you think that these other

[jonathan_kogan]: human beings are bio hazards and that
you shouldn't come close to them and you

[jonathan_kogan]: should

[tydi]: i think

[jonathan_kogan]: be that was part of

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: the strategy right people literally i worry
about like kids looking at other humans now

[jonathan_kogan]: and they're thinking like they should stay
far away their bio hazard as opposed to

[jonathan_kogan]: coming giving a hug and showing love
you know what

[tydi]: but

[jonathan_kogan]: i

[tydi]: guess but guess what

[jonathan_kogan]: what

[tydi]: they messed up

[jonathan_kogan]: they did

[tydi]: you know how the do you know
how they messed up

[jonathan_kogan]: m how

[tydi]: you go fast

[jonathan_kogan]: they messed up because they i think
they didn't realize how quickly

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: people can realize their scheme online and
actually come together and then

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: realize it's all it's all it's all
it's all a farce

[tydi]: ah

[jonathan_kogan]: the whole thing the whole divide is
artificial i don't enthnk it's real because i

[jonathan_kogan]: don't ever meet humans in real life
that are mean almost everybody is kind and

[jonathan_kogan]: there all diffrentpolitical views and i think
that what they are trying to make it

[jonathan_kogan]: seem like we're all divided i don't
think it's real i realy dont think it's

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: real in real life i thin it's

[tydi]: yeah so when you say i don't
think it's real

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: i don't think it's real life where
they messed up is that they tried to

[tydi]: use a tradition or a method that
has been tried and tested by dare i

[tydi]: say hit la burning books censorship they
tried to divide us now jonathan

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: i don't nor your beliefs i don't
know what you stand for and i will

[tydi]: actively say that out loud like but
this is the thing

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: you and i are just human beings
on this blue dot sure and if we

[tydi]: love what what they forgot about and
what they missed is that hope and love

[tydi]: is so much more powerful than any
agenda so you and i can disagree on

[tydi]: what whatever we want that's fine let's
say that for the dinner table let's have

[tydi]: a conversation about it but they forgot
that you and i are human beings and

[tydi]: we are united as humans on this
planet and we will talk about our problems

[tydi]: and solve them and those above

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: us i don't know

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: hm

[tydi]: ah but those people miscalculated one big
era and that is hope and that is

[tydi]: love you and i are going to
have a conversation over and over again and

[tydi]: i will have this conversation

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: with so many people so what what
they got wrong where they were they f

[tydi]: do yeah is that someone like me
can talk to someone like you across the

[tydi]: planet and de live love and you
can send love back and we can kindly

[tydi]: kalmly respectively disagree or agree on it
subject come to a conclusion and when we

[tydi]: do that they out numbered so i
am here to tell you and tell your

[tydi]: audience that they are outnumbered and and
we we we don't need to fight i

[tydi]: don't need you to tell me something
about oh you're wrong on this thing o

[tydi]: me to say oh you're wrong in
this thing because guess what

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: i'll sit down with you at the
dinner table and i'll have a great conversation

[tydi]: with you and we will have a
fantastic rational loving caring conversation we will do

[tydi]: that sure and we will come to
some sort of an agreement it may not

[tydi]: be perfect nothing is perfect but it
will be better than it was before and

[tydi]: they miscalculated

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: the power of hope and the power
of love

[jonathan_kogan]: i think you're a thousand per cent
right yeah i think

[tydi]: and

[jonathan_kogan]: that's true i mean that's what that's
what i believe too so i guess i

[jonathan_kogan]: guess

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: i really do believe that and and
i think you're right and i believe that

[tydi]: ye

[jonathan_kogan]: that it's true because i don't really
see the alternative i don't understand

[tydi]: yea

[jonathan_kogan]: what the alternative is to not have

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: like there's ope and there's getting through
this together i don't understand what the other

[jonathan_kogan]: alternative is what not

[tydi]: the

[jonathan_kogan]: getting

[tydi]: alternate

[jonathan_kogan]: through i don't understand

[tydi]: the alternative is giving up

[jonathan_kogan]: is that really an option i don't

[tydi]: no

[jonathan_kogan]: get

[tydi]: no i

[jonathan_kogan]: so

[tydi]: don't

[jonathan_kogan]: it's

[tydi]: know

[jonathan_kogan]: right

[tydi]: are we going to give up

[jonathan_kogan]: no

[tydi]: are we are we going to give
up or are we going to love

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: each other jonathan i don't know all
of your i've never watched one of your

[tydi]: shows i'm so sorry i said this

[jonathan_kogan]: that's

[tydi]: to

[jonathan_kogan]: probably

[tydi]: like

[jonathan_kogan]: in your best interest

[tydi]: like i've ben i've been on fox
news i've been i've been on san

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: plenty of things

[jonathan_kogan]: there's probably more people that will see
this than that because they're all full of

[jonathan_kogan]: crap they don't even tell the truth
c n n and all

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: those guys

[tydi]: i

[jonathan_kogan]: propaganda

[tydi]: can't

[jonathan_kogan]: to divide us

[tydi]: i can't speak to it but what
i can tell

[jonathan_kogan]: hm

[tydi]: you is that is that jonathan

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: you seem like a loving person with
a heart guess

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: and instead of us fighting about this

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: let's love each other let's focus

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: on love and remind everybody watching right
now that there is hope and when there

[tydi]: is hope there is success

[jonathan_kogan]: i forget those famous quote from stephen
hawking us when there is hope there is

[jonathan_kogan]: life right is that what it is
something like that

[tydi]: um i don't know

[jonathan_kogan]: i don't know either something like that
but okay so when first of a i'm

[jonathan_kogan]: really sorry what what happened to you

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: being the vaccine injured and kind of
what's happening on that front so

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: it's really sad and you did it
because you were trying to do the right

[jonathan_kogan]: thing what

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: you're told is the right thing and
trust and i think a lot of people

[jonathan_kogan]: a ton of people did when you
were vacine injured at time there were people

[jonathan_kogan]: that were speaking out at least i
could not world wide but in america that

[jonathan_kogan]: would say i'm vacininjureand they be and
they would be like ridiculed and like censored

[jonathan_kogan]: and like told their liars and like
the egitimate did what they were told was

[jonathan_kogan]: the right thing their bodies just had
a different reaction and then as a result

[jonathan_kogan]: of that they got like band from
the public form untold that they're not worth

[jonathan_kogan]: anyone's attention

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: has that happed to you and then

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: also and like

[tydi]: one

[jonathan_kogan]: the responses from people

[tydi]: okay so to unpack that two things
one is yes people ridicule me they say

[tydi]: bad things people try to bring me
down and they try to make me sound

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: like i'm the enemy ah on the
other side people are loving and they're kind

[tydi]: and they're caring and i can't express
this enough we have we have to unify

[tydi]: we have to be human beings when
we have to fight this because you and

[tydi]: i we could do you know how
much fun it would be if we were

[tydi]: talking about aliens

[jonathan_kogan]: right

[tydi]: so

[jonathan_kogan]: i agree

[tydi]: dude i'm a musician

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[tydi]: like i want to like talk about
like music i want to

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: get i want to get back to
the fun stuff

[jonathan_kogan]: ye

[tydi]: like

[jonathan_kogan]: we all do

[tydi]: we all do i want to talk
about like you know

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: did we get visited

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: all the jerbrugin and stuff but on
four ortunately

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: i have to talk to you about
this topic and that

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: is we are divided and we have
been divided

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: by something upwards now i'm not

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: going to make the claim as to
who divided us who divided us who

[jonathan_kogan]: i mean

[tydi]: ivided

[jonathan_kogan]: it doesn't even matter

[tydi]: us

[jonathan_kogan]: though who i mean doesn't matter the
approach on our part is still the same

[jonathan_kogan]: no matter who that is it doesn't

[tydi]: the

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: when i say who

[tydi]: i think you know what i mean

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: don't

[tydi]: how do you how

[jonathan_kogan]: should

[tydi]: do you

[jonathan_kogan]: i

[tydi]: spell the how do you spell the

[jonathan_kogan]: w h o

[tydi]: interesting that's

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: a

[jonathan_kogan]: really

[tydi]: giant

[jonathan_kogan]: oh okay yeah all right that is

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: what i was thinking actually that's i
even think it's above that yeah it's something

[jonathan_kogan]: big

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: it's it's really interesting

[tydi]: i mean i didn't i didn't

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: say that

[jonathan_kogan]: u

[tydi]: like i was i was asking you

[jonathan_kogan]: h

[tydi]: question

[jonathan_kogan]: that's fair that's fair i mean that's
definitely true i'm just wanting o high how

[jonathan_kogan]: high it goes but that's obviously that's
true so has the what i wanted to

[jonathan_kogan]: get to was has that when you
got that that you know you say you're

[jonathan_kogan]: actually injured we'll have this you know
maybe hateful response for a short period of

[jonathan_kogan]: time have you noticed that some people
that maybe gave you a hard time back

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: then have changed their position now and
showed more love and showed more empathy over

[jonathan_kogan]: time have things shifted

[tydi]: it

[jonathan_kogan]: at all

[tydi]: yeah just tonight i watched ara take
down all of their posts and allow comments

[tydi]: yes if we keep just pushing at
it ah we'll win

[jonathan_kogan]: so then

[tydi]: hope

[jonathan_kogan]: what

[tydi]: hope every time remember it's

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: very hard it's going to be hard
you've signed up for very difficult mission and

[tydi]: i don't want to be in this
mission i want to be making music i

[tydi]: want to be back playing to stadium
i don't want to be doing this at

[tydi]: the same time i can't be complacent
because complacency is just as bad as the

[tydi]: act itself so

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: that's that's what i feel like i
always say like i want to talk for

[jonathan_kogan]: me you like

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: you with music i want to talk
about sports i wanted to i don't want

[jonathan_kogan]: to do this but being complacent is
being complicent

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: so it's like you have no option
especially because the division will work if people

[jonathan_kogan]: don't start speaking up and rationalize n
be like hey listen i'm not your enemy

[jonathan_kogan]: you're not my enemy none of us
are really each other's enemies we like you

[jonathan_kogan]: said we may disagree with things but
disagreeing never met at least

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: in my lifetime is hate or division
it's just disagree okay we can hang out

[jonathan_kogan]: we can not talk we can come
to some you know there's always common ground

[jonathan_kogan]: there's

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: always there's always common ground and just

[tydi]: it's

[jonathan_kogan]: finding that will start to alleviate

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: all this chaotic nonsense is going on
least in my

[tydi]: since

[jonathan_kogan]: opinion

[tydi]: since i agree with yes in your

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[tydi]: totally since when is it a crime
to disagree

[jonathan_kogan]: it's not that's the point it's made
up it's an artificial barrier it's it's not

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: authentic

[tydi]: so jonathan know this from australia to
where are you

[jonathan_kogan]: the united states

[tydi]: yeah there

[jonathan_kogan]: ohio

[tydi]: so

[jonathan_kogan]: a

[tydi]: so much love to

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: i've played there i

[jonathan_kogan]: columbus

[tydi]: don't uh

[jonathan_kogan]: cleveland

[tydi]: yes yes so know this

[tydi]: it's important for you to really take
this in if you create anger and i

[tydi]: understand that you're angry get it i
understand people have been told they're wrong for

[tydi]: two years they've been gas lit that's
that must have a really a really strong

[tydi]: effect on the mind and i can't
imagine how that would make someone feel but

[tydi]: i'm here now to give a voice
to the people that are hurt and i'm

[tydi]: here two absolutely break down the walls
of the matrix so let's do this together

[tydi]: can you make me a live promise
right now are we going to do this

[jonathan_kogan]: i promise we're going to do this
and we're going to win

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: you

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: are you putting any of

[tydi]: but

[jonathan_kogan]: this you know this energy and stuff
towards making music right now

[tydi]: my music is in me and my
heart is with me and like yes of

[tydi]: course i am completely engaged in my
music but i'm also engaged in something more

[tydi]: important that is us the people of
planet earth

[jonathan_kogan]: so what would if everything if you
if everything go perfectly what would a year

[jonathan_kogan]: from now look like for earth for
humans for everything

[tydi]: he

[tydi]: m

[tydi]: well what do you look like

[jonathan_kogan]: in one year

[tydi]: the people that made mistakes to be
honest and to say we messed up we

[tydi]: made a mistake forgive us

[jonathan_kogan]: do you think that so is accountability
but is it vital is it absolutely necessary

[jonathan_kogan]: for them to admit fault or can
we move on

[tydi]: no

[jonathan_kogan]: without it

[tydi]: no because because we will win no
matter lot because we have love on our

[tydi]: side we have we have

[jonathan_kogan]: m

[tydi]: love and we have got on our

[jonathan_kogan]: and i've never been a religious or
very much spiritual person but these past two

[jonathan_kogan]: years i believe that's true and i
think it's ever so important to have god

[jonathan_kogan]: on your side believe in god it's
crazy i would never said that years ago

[jonathan_kogan]: for right or wrong it just it
seems like that's what's going on here it's

[jonathan_kogan]: almost like a massive spiritual battle like
it's crazy it's crazy it's really hard to

[jonathan_kogan]: fathom

[tydi]: and and we will win

[jonathan_kogan]: we will win so what

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: what words do you

[tydi]: ye

[jonathan_kogan]: have to say for anyone who's listening
to anywhere in the world that would be

[jonathan_kogan]: your if they want to be like
okay this is great

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: i want to win what can i
do this week next month you know for

[jonathan_kogan]: the next year what can i do
that if everyone did it it would add

[jonathan_kogan]: up and it would be like an

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: expedential effect

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: where everyone would get along sort of
thing or

[tydi]: to

[jonathan_kogan]: get back to better world

[tydi]: to go to start small to go
to my instagram slash t y d i

[tydi]: on my facebook t y d i
music to amplify my voice and yours

[tydi]: i can't do this alone i'm tired
man like i'm running out of steam but

[tydi]: when i wake up i go again

[jonathan_kogan]: right

[tydi]: it's hard so i need everyone to
give me that confidence and the power to

[tydi]: keep going to keep pushing and knock
those doors down because one word

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: i said one last time hope when
there is hope

[tydi]: there is freedom

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: absolutely so

[tydi]: m

[jonathan_kogan]: where where can people find you on
i know you just mention some of it

[jonathan_kogan]: but where is the best place to
find you your music where where do you

[jonathan_kogan]: want people to go

[tydi]: instagram dot com slash

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: t y d i and you know
what if they want to find me they'll

[tydi]: find me

[jonathan_kogan]: and well we'll link it in the
show note so you guys can go click

[jonathan_kogan]: it link all of his stuff you
have any parting words for the people not

[jonathan_kogan]: only in australia canada anything else that
we didn't touch on that you want to

[jonathan_kogan]: add because

[tydi]: my my my

[jonathan_kogan]: the audience will give you the courage
and strength we will come together and support

[jonathan_kogan]: each other and amplify each other's voices

[tydi]: my parting words are i love you
and i care about every human being on

[tydi]: this planet

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[tydi]: if you believe that i'm wrong please
tell me

[tydi]: but if something inside of you inside
of your heart says this guy might be

[tydi]: right please back me up because i
need an army i need a force and

[tydi]: i am riding on hope so show
me that you can do it too

[jonathan_kogan]: absolutely that is beautiful

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: and we will win

[tydi]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: we will win

[tydi]: kay

[jonathan_kogan]: so um check out the show notes
to look at all of this stuff link

[jonathan_kogan]: the Instagram

[tydi]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: if you haven't subscribed to john the
cog show subscribe go to Patreon dot com

[jonathan_kogan]: for let's Ownership Economy to help us
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[jonathan_kogan]: guys know what to do and thank
you for being out man I really appreciate

[jonathan_kogan]: it thank you all right by guys

[tydi]: yeah

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