Catastrophic Contagion: Everything you need to know! - #138

Event 201 predicted the pandemic almost perfectly and now the same group of people are running a second simulation: Catastrophic Contagion. This exercise is preparing us for the next outbreak and here is everything you need to know.

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[jonathan_kogan]: let's focus i got great news for
you and this is going to blow your

[jonathan_kogan]: socks off if you didn't know it
so if you didn't know you can go

[jonathan_kogan]: find the previous podcast many money podcasgonte
he coke show or you can just go

[jonathan_kogan]: on you tube and look up event
two o one you can just google event

[jonathan_kogan]: two o one and learn about event
two o one which was a simulation with

[jonathan_kogan]: a lot of powerful people sponsored by
the bill mellinegates foundation and johns hopkins that

[jonathan_kogan]: pretty dicted a virus m a h
you know the one that went around that

[jonathan_kogan]: exact one that was actually literally sort
of got predicted and simulated in fact why

[jonathan_kogan]: not you know what if have forgotten
for whatever reason let me just play a

[jonathan_kogan]: minute for you just to refresh your
memory before i go on to the next

[jonathan_kogan]: news which is extravagant and you're gonna
be so excited about the next news so

[jonathan_kogan]: this is literally on youtubeevent two o
one you can go look it up it's

[jonathan_kogan]: it's legit um this is real this
is i'll just play like forty five seconds

[jonathan_kogan]: of it this is event two o
one the pandemic exercise this is the highlights

[jonathan_kogan]: real this is from the w h
so here we go or some government body

[jonathan_kogan]: here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: eh oh

[jonathan_kogan]: ah yeah yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: uh

[jonathan_kogan]: is this a pandemic emergent

[jonathan_kogan]: here's their faked news up date g
n n very close to c n n

[jonathan_kogan]: so yeah you got it that was
the first minute forty nine seconds or whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: so remember that go watch on your
well that same that same elite group of

[jonathan_kogan]: people okay bill on the gates foundation
rockefeller um you know the c a a

[jonathan_kogan]: whole bunch of fantastic people who love
you and they love their own children yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: have now ran and by the way
that simulation happened about six weeks before the

[jonathan_kogan]: real thing happened but that we're not
conspirator here i'm just telling you the facts

[jonathan_kogan]: then you use your own decision making
critical thinking whatever you want to use i

[jonathan_kogan]: do not care i'm just here to
break the truth to you and tell you

[jonathan_kogan]: facts that you may not get elsewhere
because you deserve to know it because you're

[jonathan_kogan]: a peasant and i'm a peasant and
we love each other or we respect each

[jonathan_kogan]: other next twenty twenty five baby twenty
twenty five the don dalla hotter than holy

[jonathan_kogan]: wala he wishes he was your baby's
father bill gates has predicted that in twenty

[jonathan_kogan]: twenty five there is going to be
a second pandemic outbreak and it's going to

[jonathan_kogan]: be called dothan cat strait contagion this
one is going to be a different type

[jonathan_kogan]: of virus instead of a corona

[jonathan_kogan]: virus we had to space that out
you know because the ai algorithm you get

[jonathan_kogan]: what i mean uh you know that
was very it spread very quickly it's very

[jonathan_kogan]: contagious but wasn't very lethal right um
but this one is going to be a

[jonathan_kogan]: different type of iris it's going to
be more like bola it's going a be

[jonathan_kogan]: like bola that category very exciting can
take out more ople much more lethal i

[jonathan_kogan]: mean this is this is this is
the juice this is the butter so this

[jonathan_kogan]: is the potatoes and the potatoes this
is called catastrophic contagion they ran their simulation

[jonathan_kogan]: last time this group people ran eventual
one the other simulation the actual thing occurred

[jonathan_kogan]: in real life six weeks later this
one catastrophic ata they just ran a couple

[jonathan_kogan]: months ago i believe in october i'm
gonna play about two minutes and forty four

[jonathan_kogan]: seconds think tha's what it was of
the new simuhyeah simulation let's say you know

[jonathan_kogan]: where they practice practice makes perfect and
in twenty twenty five the prediction is that's

[jonathan_kogan]: when it will happen now that would
be a lot diferent than event do on

[jonathan_kogan]: which there was a six week buffer
this one would be multiply years so may

[jonathan_kogan]: we were behind schedule an they want
to screw it on up or maybe they're

[jonathan_kogan]: just practicing even more this and simultaneously
companies like maduna you can go watch the

[jonathan_kogan]: people's doctor dr john campbell on youtube
one of the best you know the people's

[jonathan_kogan]: doctor basically is what he is he's
the outube doctor for people right nurse whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: he broke the news a couple of
days ago about how madona is opening up

[jonathan_kogan]: massive massive inoculation facilities in canada in
australia and elsewhere to make one hundred million

[jonathan_kogan]: plus doses of m r and you
and your love ones so he wants to

[jonathan_kogan]: know like why you know are we
doing this go watch john campbell's video a

[jonathan_kogan]: link it below you can go watch
it just raise his questions like why are

[jonathan_kogan]: we going all out you know we
stil don't know long term stuff but we

[jonathan_kogan]: do maybe we do who know maybe
it's an experiment maybe it's not we do

[jonathan_kogan]: not know i just need to tell
you what's going on again i need to

[jonathan_kogan]: break to you just what's going on
in the world because you may or may

[jonathan_kogan]: not be droning through life just droning
doing the same thing every day just droning

[jonathan_kogan]: not even paying attention like you live
in the matrix you do the same thing

[jonathan_kogan]: with work you wake up you get
the same coffee you commute or you just

[jonathan_kogan]: log on do the same things and
then before you know it sixty years goes

[jonathan_kogan]: by and you're on your fucking death
bed and you're like oh my god i

[jonathan_kogan]: wish i ad chi sad oh my
god i don't want that to happen for

[jonathan_kogan]: you but while you are droning like
a drone with just totally oblivious literally like

[jonathan_kogan]: in the movie of the matrix where
he's walking them through you know the simulation

[jonathan_kogan]: at first and going oh you know
they're all part of it they're ot ready

[jonathan_kogan]: to pop out yet but you are
ready to pop out you're ready to pop

[jonathan_kogan]: out okay and we're popping out together
let me before i get off track i

[jonathan_kogan]: know i'm going on and on but
this is crucial this is important if you

[jonathan_kogan]: want to watch this on on twitter
we do everything live on twitter now at

[jonathan_kogan]: cogs feel free to follow there this
is the video of catastrophic contagion which is

[jonathan_kogan]: expected to drop at a theater near
you a earth um in twenty twenty five

[jonathan_kogan]: i mean this is just fantastic um
and if things go according to history i

[jonathan_kogan]: mean it's likely here we go take
a listener watch on rumble youtube this will

[jonathan_kogan]: probably get band so watch on rumble
yeah or twitter here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: ah

[jonathan_kogan]: october twenty third twenty two

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh boy

[jonathan_kogan]: you know why we made a mistake
she said something very important and this is

[jonathan_kogan]: very very crucial that you must we
need to reiterate she said it could have

[jonathan_kogan]: been better we had pandemic preparedness and
there is nobody that i know of outside

[jonathan_kogan]: of bill money gets foundation that has
tried to donate more capital to pandemic preparedness

[jonathan_kogan]: than sam bank man freed and we
have the audacity yeah try and lock that

[jonathan_kogan]: man up that man is trying to
prepare us for the next pandemic sam bankemanfreed

[jonathan_kogan]: wasn't doing all this for himself or
his family and their two hundred million dollar

[jonathan_kogan]: properties that they got that wasn't anything
to do with what his only soul goal

[jonathan_kogan]: was and that was to maximize the
amount of money he can give for pandemic

[jonathan_kogan]: preparedness because he was not greedy he
was not a criminal he was a saint

[jonathan_kogan]: and he was a man trying to
make the world a better place with his

[jonathan_kogan]: heart and sure it involved billions of
dollars sure he donated the second largest to

[jonathan_kogan]: the byan administration sure he was trying
to pass legislation that gave f t x

[jonathan_kogan]: you know a free card for their
corruption that has nothing to do with his

[jonathan_kogan]: dedication and just passion and love for
pandemic preparedness and now we have screwed that

[jonathan_kogan]: up we're trying to lock him up
we're trying to put him on truck i

[jonathan_kogan]: say free sam bank man freed free
that man free him what do you hate

[jonathan_kogan]: jews come on let that man go
so that was that was yeah i mean

[jonathan_kogan]: that we need to give sanbigmefreed another
a second thought okay maybe he wasn't a

[jonathan_kogan]: bad man maybe he was a re
incarnation of jesus coming down from the heavens

[jonathan_kogan]: to prepare us from the next pandemic
have you ever thought of that you are

[jonathan_kogan]: such scum if you think he's a
criminal you an anti semite you're an anti

[jonathan_kogan]: semite free sam bank man freed signed
everybody who cares about being prepared from pydemics

[jonathan_kogan]: okay that's how it goes so very
important that you know that that you got

[jonathan_kogan]: to watch that i'm very happy you
got to watch catastrophic contagion and global challenge

[jonathan_kogan]: exercise and happen october twenty third twenty
twenty two if you didn't know i don't

[jonathan_kogan]: know why you didn't know because you
voted for it probably wherever you are whatever

[jonathan_kogan]: country you're in and if you're in
a country with like a dictator or something

[jonathan_kogan]: like that then maybe you didn't vote
for it but you still said yes because

[jonathan_kogan]: you live where dictator is but don't
worry every country basically live where there's a

[jonathan_kogan]: dictator okay the elite are all having
their fun using us as pawns and we're

[jonathan_kogan]: just trying to stay free not have
the whole global financial markets go bust and

[jonathan_kogan]: pop everybody out of the matrix before
it's too late before the c b d

[jonathan_kogan]: c is implemented and then once you
have sent main digital currencies and that money

[jonathan_kogan]: can be programmed it's over it's done
i think people are going to embrace it

[jonathan_kogan]: like they embraced their first child okay
people apparently love authoritarian ism they love tyranny

[jonathan_kogan]: they do not like to learn history
they want to be ruled over and told

[jonathan_kogan]: what to do it's mind blowing but
it's an unfortunate truth but for those of

[jonathan_kogan]: you who want to stay free and
do what you want as you want how

[jonathan_kogan]: you want when you want that's what
the jonathan ogan show is here to do

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[jonathan_kogan]: this i will leave you with this
is very important story and hopefully you learn

[jonathan_kogan]: somethin i've never told this before so
here we go so it's the holidays and

[jonathan_kogan]: i went into a bar right and
i see this dude at the bar who

[jonathan_kogan]: is like shredded just ripped okay just
incredible shape okay like and i'm personally trying

[jonathan_kogan]: to get into shape and trying to
get strong and chiseled and it's tough for

[jonathan_kogan]: me so i see this dude and
he's just like ripped but he had like

[jonathan_kogan]: an abnormally tiny head he just had
a his body was ripe and he had

[jonathan_kogan]: this like little head so i went
out to him and i was like man

[jonathan_kogan]: i was like dude your chisels i'm
trying to get chilled too why do you

[jonathan_kogan]: have a little head that is so
small and disproportioned to your body he said

[jonathan_kogan]: he was in miami for the holidays
and was at a beach the week prior

[jonathan_kogan]: and he was on the beach and
walking on the sand by himself and he

[jonathan_kogan]: found a gin bottle yeah he picked
up the genie bottle and boom out pops

[jonathan_kogan]: a genie and then jane goes i
will grant you any three wishes you want

[jonathan_kogan]: you get three wishes and i will
grant you those wishes and then i will

[jonathan_kogan]: go away forever and he goes okay
that's great he goes well what do you

[jonathan_kogan]: want and he goes i want ten
million dollars in cash jeanie waves or harm

[jonathan_kogan]: poof he has ten million dollars in
cash because you get two more he goes

[jonathan_kogan]: i want a hundred million dollar yet
the genie waves her hand a yacht comes

[jonathan_kogan]: up right to the beach she goes
this is yours what is your third and

[jonathan_kogan]: final wish this guy said to the
genie i want to have sex with you

[jonathan_kogan]: i want to sleep with you and
the genie goes well you can't i don't

[jonathan_kogan]: have those parts so i can't i
can't do that so the man goes all

[jonathan_kogan]: right how about a little head that
my friends how this man ended up with

[jonathan_kogan]: a little head all right everybody take
care i love you have a fantastic rest

[jonathan_kogan]: of your day I'll see you tomorrow
with the truth and nothing but the truth

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[jonathan_kogan]: with member let's take the thing to
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[jonathan_kogan]: you soon bye

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