Leaked Documents Reveal Boots on the Ground in Ukraine - #112

Documents obtained by The Grayzone reveal plans by a cell of British military-intelligence figures to organize and train a covert Ukrainian “partisan” army with explicit instructions to attack Russian targets in Crimea.

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah okay are we live live on
the podcast we are live on twitter we

[jonathan_kogan]: live on facebook of course we're not
live on facebook but we have breaking news

[jonathan_kogan]: we are back live on you tube
how about that of course we're alive on

[jonathan_kogan]: rumble we are back on you to
facebook and handle the truth but you tube

[jonathan_kogan]: said hey you know what we want
to dabble with the truth a little bit

[jonathan_kogan]: let's dabble so they're dabbling you can't
you know they're dabbling so we'll give it

[jonathan_kogan]: to him so we got a lot
to cover today of course another day another

[jonathan_kogan]: crazy clown world experience all living in
we got just a lot going on we

[jonathan_kogan]: got world war three case you didn't
know not declared by congress but it's things

[jonathan_kogan]: are moving quite rapidly which we'll get
into we got all cause mortality to evaluate

[jonathan_kogan]: of course that my guess picked off
youtube but we have to look into why

[jonathan_kogan]: are so many young people dying all
across the world in fact the numbers are

[jonathan_kogan]: higher than during the thing you know
that big thing that invisible virus thing that

[jonathan_kogan]: went around there are more people dying
now from something else than during that time

[jonathan_kogan]: but it is not being investigated um
and got some up dates with a experiencing

[jonathan_kogan]: and oh another thing too so there
is and i'll get into the second but

[jonathan_kogan]: there is a woman on the hill
bring on a joy gray super progressive democrat

[jonathan_kogan]: very liberal and like i said this
would end up being what happens is that

[jonathan_kogan]: people are realizing that on the jonathan
cogan show which by the way you have

[jonathan_kogan]: to subscribe please subscribe share it please
it's the greatest podcast on the internet and

[jonathan_kogan]: uh that they're figuring out that oh
my god oh my god no way there's

[jonathan_kogan]: not republicans or democrats what wait a
second wait a second they're censoring conservatives and

[jonathan_kogan]: progressive liberal democrats no way what could
possibly be going on are you telling me

[jonathan_kogan]: there's only two classes peasants and the
establishment get out of here oh my god

[jonathan_kogan]: and so they're making another error which
is making another group of people with i

[jonathan_kogan]: thought they were on the winning side
which happened to be the in this scenario

[jonathan_kogan]: is the progressive democrats used you know
they thought that they were you know they

[jonathan_kogan]: were the ones censoring a lot of
people on to where had the upper hand

[jonathan_kogan]: and then when it came to war
because they're anti war them being censored on

[jonathan_kogan]: that being the plate warn first talking
against the war and like oh my god

[jonathan_kogan]: what's happening what wait there's an establishment
censoring people what do you mean that can't

[jonathan_kogan]: be true but of course it's true
and you know it's true because we are

[jonathan_kogan]: in a political podcast we don't have
political takes okay we just speak we just

[jonathan_kogan]: look at events and speak the truth
and then people go there's a con but

[jonathan_kogan]: if you know view on that are
all they're being super liberal on that it

[jonathan_kogan]: doesn't matter we just look at the
truth we don't attribute it to a political

[jonathan_kogan]: side we just tell you the truth
because you're not getting the truth as you

[jonathan_kogan]: already know because literally either you're getting
propaganda or you're getting nothing because of censorship

[jonathan_kogan]: so first story big thing we're talking
about here a lot to talk about because

[jonathan_kogan]: i'm moving very quickly is wolldwar three
i really shouldn't say that because it's not

[jonathan_kogan]: technically world worth three yet because congress
has to say although joe joe big bidin

[jonathan_kogan]: big b has you know talk like
oh you know you shouldn't raise the price

[jonathan_kogan]: on gas in a time of war
and i was like what war what or

[jonathan_kogan]: wait where we're at war of course
we're at war of course there are troops

[jonathan_kogan]: on the ground which were gonna get
into reported by m b c but they're

[jonathan_kogan]: only inspecting the weapons don't worry they're
just in pecting the weapons trust me they're

[jonathan_kogan]: not doing anything like fighting the russians
over there no they wouldn't do that government

[jonathan_kogan]: loves you of course so first things
first big story which is the the keys

[jonathan_kogan]: not the keystone my bad but in
the black sea the the north stream the

[jonathan_kogan]: north team that was blown up by
the way north that was blown up by

[jonathan_kogan]: we were told by russia blew up
there on pipeline that they control the nozzle

[jonathan_kogan]: to that they can turn it on
and off but they decide to just blow

[jonathan_kogan]: it up themselves because it's so advantageous
because it's not to make zero sense obviously

[jonathan_kogan]: that didn't happen the question is though
it was a lot of people high was

[jonathan_kogan]: the u s on this podcast we
predicted that it was the u k and

[jonathan_kogan]: coots with poland that they were together
on this and it seems that we were

[jonathan_kogan]: partially right which is the u k
appears to be guilty of blowing up the

[jonathan_kogan]: north stream pipeline because russia is claiming
to have complete proof complete proof that they

[jonathan_kogan]: have the receipts that proves the u
k did this and their foreign minister ah

[jonathan_kogan]: she met with russia met with the
u k foreign prime minister and showed the

[jonathan_kogan]: receipts and said listen this is a
warning this is your last chance before you

[jonathan_kogan]: are entering a war with us we
know you did it you better back off

[jonathan_kogan]: but of course naois not going to
back off because why because the military industrial

[jonathan_kogan]: complex wants war they've always wanted war
you know you were so excited everybody when

[jonathan_kogan]: we left afghanistan we're done with war
and then wow how crazy six months later

[jonathan_kogan]: we're in another war but this one
is a good one this one is a

[jonathan_kogan]: good one now this one is very
very good this one is good trust me

[jonathan_kogan]: people you know if people die for
something what we're being propagandized by then you

[jonathan_kogan]: know it's good it's good war is
good now we believe war is good we

[jonathan_kogan]: thought war was bad but we're gonna
change our stands war is excellent no war

[jonathan_kogan]: is not good war is terrible war
is very very bad we are listen we

[jonathan_kogan]: are let's just say where we're not
a star typical podcast we have very outlandish

[jonathan_kogan]: views we are pro human are pro
good health pro freedom we are pro being

[jonathan_kogan]: nice to people we are pro i
don't care where you're from or where you

[jonathan_kogan]: live be nice to me an i'll
be nice to you we are pro hey

[jonathan_kogan]: have different views but let's go get
some coffee so we're you know very typical

[jonathan_kogan]: in that sense right you say hey
what do yo think about politics we go

[jonathan_kogan]: politics what politics i don't even now
what that is because we don't understand the

[jonathan_kogan]: world through a political lens when you
live your whole life not understanding politics because

[jonathan_kogan]: you will not partake in the bitter
savageness or of politics you see the life

[jonathan_kogan]: through an innocent lens but there happens
to be not such less i'm going off

[jonathan_kogan]: on tangent here i just want to
say i want to bring you the truth

[jonathan_kogan]: this is from the gray zone okay
the u k was caught blow at the

[jonathan_kogan]: pipe line they're taking the evidence to
the u n russia is and it's not

[jonathan_kogan]: going to be good but then there's
also some major things leaking which is this

[jonathan_kogan]: presentation these papers which show that league
documents and if you're watching this on youtube

[jonathan_kogan]: brown rumble i have it up on
the screen league documents british spies constructing secret

[jonathan_kogan]: terror army in ukraine okay so documents
attained by the gray zone reveal plans by

[jonathan_kogan]: a cell of british military intelligence figures
to organize and train a covert ukrainian partizan

[jonathan_kogan]: arm with explicit instructions to attack russian
targets in crimea on october twenty eighth uranian

[jonathan_kogan]: drone attack damage the russian black seas
fleets flash a vessel in the crimean port

[jonathan_kogan]: of service sebastopol sorry for my pronunciation
especially if you are in our crane or

[jonathan_kogan]: russia or whatever now if we have
listeners in russia we might be band from

[jonathan_kogan]: russia i don't know which by the
way brings up a little side note which

[jonathan_kogan]: was france said to rumble the platform
rumble they said you must band russian state

[jonathan_kogan]: t v the french people cannot be
trusted to watch the propaganda of russia state

[jonathan_kogan]: t v denotes probably and you have
to bandit and rumble said no we're not

[jonathan_kogan]: banning anything we're not canceling but that's
why we created this platform for free speech

[jonathan_kogan]: so they go okay well we're going
to then cancel you so france is cancelled

[jonathan_kogan]: instead of france's demands to cancel other
stations okay you see in this democracy that's

[jonathan_kogan]: at stake here the people get to
decide everything the government works for the people

[jonathan_kogan]: okay the people get to look at
whatever information they want and then decide what's

[jonathan_kogan]: true and not true okay dictatorships or
totalitarian regimes what happens is is they silence

[jonathan_kogan]: certain sides and they tell you what
information you can and cannot see that is

[jonathan_kogan]: authoritarian t is to talitarian okay so
this democracy that we're trying to save here

[jonathan_kogan]: quote unquote whatever that i don't eve
know hat that means anymore means it's a

[jonathan_kogan]: dictatorship because they are censoring one side
is the dictatorship whoever is falling for that

[jonathan_kogan]: being a democracy it's so bizarre that
that people are still falling for this it's

[jonathan_kogan]: bizarre you've been lied to for three
straight years what do you thiktheyretlling the truth

[jonathan_kogan]: about now i mean come on anyway
back to the gray zone the british ministry

[jonathan_kogan]: of defense issued a blustery denial spans
branding the accusations false claims of an epic

[jonathan_kogan]: scale its russian propaganda of course is
russian propaganda anyways there are complete proofs throughout

[jonathan_kogan]: there's all right so strategic adept objectives
degrade russia capability to blockade ukrainian and conduct

[jonathan_kogan]: lateral maneuver re supply by sea isolate
russia land and maritime fords and crimea by

[jonathan_kogan]: denying re supply by and overland via
church bridge maximize attrition of black sea fleet

[jonathan_kogan]: and associate infrastructure to affect decision calculus
in a road russia war fighting capability there

[jonathan_kogan]: is so much that all these documents
are email there's there's power point presentations there's

[jonathan_kogan]: people being asked hey short notice but
we need you to come to ukraine these

[jonathan_kogan]: are these are british intelligence we need
you to come to ukraine to partook in

[jonathan_kogan]: this special operation against russia but don't
worry it's russian propaganda even though we have

[jonathan_kogan]: literally all the receipts right here um
saying that's very expensive at six hundred thousand

[jonathan_kogan]: dollar us dollars per per person that
comes to fighting this you know little british

[jonathan_kogan]: army but here's the point the point
is is that this thing that is really

[jonathan_kogan]: world war three that is just being
called i don't even know what nato is

[jonathan_kogan]: calling it now i don't even know
but it is well worth three that's what's

[jonathan_kogan]: happening here and it's actually very smart
for the east it's east vers west what's

[jonathan_kogan]: going on here now if i wanted
to beat the united let's say let me

[jonathan_kogan]: gie you a hypothetical let me give
you a crazy hypothetical let's i wanted to

[jonathan_kogan]: take taiwan okay let's just say if
i wanted to take time on and the

[jonathan_kogan]: strongest power in the world is the
united states of america i would have them

[jonathan_kogan]: deplete all their weapons send it to
a different continent crane perhaps just randomly throwing

[jonathan_kogan]: it out there send all their weapons
gone all their weapons and then once all

[jonathan_kogan]: their weapons are gone i would then
go and try and get tion that's what

[jonathan_kogan]: i would do well what do you
know it seems like that's what's going on

[jonathan_kogan]: here listen to this from a from
a united states intelligence naval office former intelligence

[jonathan_kogan]: now is private intelligence for government and
other institutions was on pumps podcast exactly what

[jonathan_kogan]: this take and you know i thought
i was his name is mike shelby this

[jonathan_kogan]: is mike shelby okay one of the
most accurate people the past couple of years

[jonathan_kogan]: and all of this so is the
us prepared to fight a war ere you

[jonathan_kogan]: go

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: it's going to take years it's going
to take years to replenish the weapons that

[jonathan_kogan]: we sent to ukraine and what do
you know it just so happens that china

[jonathan_kogan]: wants to take tin which is on
the other side of the ward old and

[jonathan_kogan]: we don't even have enough weapons to
do anything not saying we should or shouldn't

[jonathan_kogan]: i'm just saying it'd be a very
good strategy if i was china i would

[jonathan_kogan]: like to infiltrate united states from within
perhaps get a president a and perhaps ship

[jonathan_kogan]: all the weapons out of your out
of the country right deplete its power maybe

[jonathan_kogan]: maybe get a bonus civil war going
amongst its own people you got to break

[jonathan_kogan]: an empire from within i would absolutely
get rid of a boarder and have all

[jonathan_kogan]: these criminals and people with fat and
all that will kill people like with one

[jonathan_kogan]: sniff come through the border and give
it to all the children then you have

[jonathan_kogan]: the fall of an empire surely seems
like that's happening okay again i am not

[jonathan_kogan]: republican i am not even conservative i
am on neither party but it sounds like

[jonathan_kogan]: a conserver talking point but it's not
it's just a realistic talking point okay this

[jonathan_kogan]: is a very real talking point this
is not i don't understand how this could

[jonathan_kogan]: possibly be contra sal it makes so
much sense if you want to bring down

[jonathan_kogan]: empire i feel like textbook is what's
going on right now and then oh what

[jonathan_kogan]: do you know twenty nine trillion dollars
has been sucked out of the economy as

[jonathan_kogan]: well in the past two year which
is more than was sucked out of economy

[jonathan_kogan]: in two thousand eight in the two
thousand eight crisis oh and by the way

[jonathan_kogan]: dese shortage energy you know we have
the most energy we can get in the

[jonathan_kogan]: united states of any country but we
don't and we rely on like we're going

[jonathan_kogan]: back to like venezuela who absolutely pollutes
the environment probably has slave labor and we

[jonathan_kogan]: have like standards in america i don't
they're god a bad but they're definitely above

[jonathan_kogan]: venezuela love venezuela probably but like whatever
this is the truth i just speak the

[jonathan_kogan]: truth that's it okay i just speak
the truth and in the u s we

[jonathan_kogan]: literally have more natural resources than any
country maybe russia is close i don't know

[jonathan_kogan]: they are close and we can just
get our own fuel our own oil all

[jonathan_kogan]: this stuff we can even make money
off and have a net export we don't

[jonathan_kogan]: why why would that be the only
reason that would be is it you're trying

[jonathan_kogan]: to crush the country it makes no
sense it makes no sense whatsoever if you

[jonathan_kogan]: think it makes sense then you're insane
and you're insane so other fantastic news boots

[jonathan_kogan]: are confirmed to be on the ground
and ukraine this is fantastic i know you're

[jonathan_kogan]: excited because you love war we don't
like we're on this podcast but apparently there

[jonathan_kogan]: as people who love war this was
b c washington post a p pentagon confirms

[jonathan_kogan]: us boots on the ground ukraine to
bomb shell reports by the a p an

[jonathan_kogan]: washington post monday an tuesday confirmed that
he united states has boots on the ground

[jonathan_kogan]: ukraine conflict cusially these troops are performing
tasks separate from your embassy security the american

[jonathan_kogan]: troops are said to be performing conical
inspections of u weapons after last weeks the

[jonathan_kogan]: state department in pennega unvieled a new
plan to track us supplied weapons in efforts

[jonathan_kogan]: to implement accountability for the billions of
dollars worth of arms ammunition transfer cranium forces

[jonathan_kogan]: since near the start of the war
eight months ago but guess what they didn't

[jonathan_kogan]: do that on the first however a
hundred million billion we've sent them so now

[jonathan_kogan]: there's not so much to say so
of course we'll audit it now because nothing

[jonathan_kogan]: to send oh don't worry we're gonna
take years to get our weapons back so

[jonathan_kogan]: we got to fight fifteen different wars
at once which is it's amazing so you

[jonathan_kogan]: don't need to own the truth i've
realized in this world it's not important owning

[jonathan_kogan]: that i mean i think personally it
isn't and it will win in the long

[jonathan_kogan]: run like this podcast but the real
truth is you just have to own the

[jonathan_kogan]: media if you own the media you
own the narrative you can lie to people

[jonathan_kogan]: about what happened during a pandemic for
two years and then all a sudden say

[jonathan_kogan]: war is amazing and we got to
fight it to save the world and we

[jonathan_kogan]: got it you know kill people because
it's to save democracy and i was like

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah yeah yeah let's do it let's
go they've lied to us every single day

[jonathan_kogan]: for the last three years probably hundred
years but the last three years you just

[jonathan_kogan]: perpetuate a narrative over and over and
over and it can be totally false but

[jonathan_kogan]: you get people into it like it's
so crazy because the perfect representation is the

[jonathan_kogan]: current democratic party does not represent liberal
values at all people are so tied to

[jonathan_kogan]: the name of the party that they're
like oh my god like this is you

[jonathan_kogan]: know this is vote blew no matter
who but we're seen a re alignment okay

[jonathan_kogan]: this current empower democratic party is anti
freedom of speech the a l w stands

[jonathan_kogan]: for democrat stand for like they defended
noses their pro censorship they are pro war

[jonathan_kogan]: liberals are anti war they are anti
worker like pro corporation merging with big government

[jonathan_kogan]: and censuring people also which is the
antithesis of liberal values they are pro worker

[jonathan_kogan]: and people still there are people that
are still being tricked thinking that being part

[jonathan_kogan]: of this current establish mem democratic party
is democrat it isn't at all and this

[jonathan_kogan]: isn't defending the republican side at all
i'm just in a vacuum talking about the

[jonathan_kogan]: democratic party it does not matter they
can just a media controls people's minds you

[jonathan_kogan]: have to pop out of the matrix
so when i say to um to get

[jonathan_kogan]: your like mine back to to shut
down and turn off mainstream media that doesn't

[jonathan_kogan]: mean just turning off the news channels
like m s n b c that means

[jonathan_kogan]: you got to know which is the
written one on social media like raiders and

[jonathan_kogan]: you know the daily beast and all
these it's coming at you from many it's

[jonathan_kogan]: coming you know new york times podcastlike
new york the owner souls burgher the owner

[jonathan_kogan]: of the new york times a white
male who inherited from his father's father father

[jonathan_kogan]: father they were slave owners in fact
one of the salsburgers back in like the

[jonathan_kogan]: seventies on his tombstone it says ah
kept the paper straight meaning he was anti

[jonathan_kogan]: gay people he hated the lgbdqplus community
said kept the kept the paper straight like

[jonathan_kogan]: straight like like like not gay but
now it's all about they're like all we

[jonathan_kogan]: got defend rights oh my god we
got we got we defend black people it's

[jonathan_kogan]: the opposite they just they just change
for whatever the narrative is they want but

[jonathan_kogan]: yet they don't they look at number
suckerburg they look at all these other people

[jonathan_kogan]: which is good they don't work into
their own founder salsburgher who had slaves there's

[jonathan_kogan]: no record it's crazy think about that
think about that you just have to own

[jonathan_kogan]: the media you own the media you
own whatever the heck you want to get

[jonathan_kogan]: on in this world it doesn't even
matter doesn't mate it's true doesn't mate it's

[jonathan_kogan]: false all it matters is can you
say the same thing over and over and

[jonathan_kogan]: over and over again like save oucransaveou
can save and then all of a sudden

[jonathan_kogan]: you know someone who could have been
anti war in six months like save you

[jonathan_kogan]: can save save you an it's unbelievable
so but i said they're making mistakes they

[jonathan_kogan]: mean the establishment has made several mistakes
one of the first ones a little while

[jonathan_kogan]: back i thought a big mistake was
up joe rogan all right massive maga republican

[jonathan_kogan]: which everyone knows if you listen to
joe rogan that's not true it's false okay

[jonathan_kogan]: he voted for burning sanders so what
so that was like who wow everybody all

[jonathan_kogan]: of a sudden over time everybody becomes
all right because their censuring everybody s anti

[jonathan_kogan]: establishment not anyone who's anti you know
anti establishment so where they got confused was

[jonathan_kogan]: joe rogan wasn't one they didn't but
now they are going even further which anyone

[jonathan_kogan]: who's anti war is all right well
that's typically progressive democrats that typically it's democrats

[jonathan_kogan]: but people who are really liberal are
anti war historically right and so now when

[jonathan_kogan]: there's being anti war there's de platform
in the all right and it's like whoa

[jonathan_kogan]: whoa wait wait wait wait wait wait
we're not all right so what about all

[jonathan_kogan]: those other people they were saying was
all right all those years wait a second

[jonathan_kogan]: what's going on here is there a
no party no can't be conspire see theres

[jonathan_kogan]: shut them down get the drill so
listen to this little short clip from beyond

[jonathan_kogan]: joy gray who by the way we
don't agree on much but we stand with

[jonathan_kogan]: her on this we got to stand
with her on this so she is she

[jonathan_kogan]: just figured out that the establishment is
doesn't like her she thought she was on

[jonathan_kogan]: the winning team but now she realized
that nobody's on the winning team except the

[jonathan_kogan]: establishment itself that's you know when you
come to that realization everything makes sense so

[jonathan_kogan]: listen to short clip she had that
they're trying to get her shut down for

[jonathan_kogan]: because she's anti war here we go

[jonathan_kogan]: yeah

[jonathan_kogan]: yah

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: oh

[jonathan_kogan]: briona joy gray sorry took you we're
sorry it took you so long to realize

[jonathan_kogan]: what's been going on here for those
of us who have been part of this

[jonathan_kogan]: jonathan hogan show a political movement for
a while you knew this coming you knew

[jonathan_kogan]: this was coming you knew that the
day would come where everybody realized they're on

[jonathan_kogan]: the losing team because it starts with
alex jones and it ends with you that's

[jonathan_kogan]: how it works okay that is why
censorship is a slippery slope that is why

[jonathan_kogan]: having centralized powerful authorities dictate what is
miss bis bis bis bis information is a

[jonathan_kogan]: problem ran a welcome to the team
it's so great to have you we are

[jonathan_kogan]: so happy to have you we love
you thank you for joining the squad this

[jonathan_kogan]: is what eventually issue comes up that
goes against everybody it starts with going against

[jonathan_kogan]: a consertive movement then it goes against
a little movement and all den was like

[jonathan_kogan]: wait wait why what just happened oh
my god they have all the power and

[jonathan_kogan]: we have nothing what happened you see
you see what's going on here sick trick

[jonathan_kogan]: it's a sick trick but it ain't
goin to work all right we got some

[jonathan_kogan]: more to get into here with the
all cause access death all cause mortality in

[jonathan_kogan]: fact i'm going to cut this up
into two segment so you can listen to

[jonathan_kogan]: it on the other one it's going
to be with dr john campbell and some

[jonathan_kogan]: other videos about i'll cause mortality that's
going on and why no one's investigating it

[jonathan_kogan]: and why no one's investigating it perhaps
like what is a big issue um and

[jonathan_kogan]: we're gonna cover that the next segment
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[jonathan_kogan]: please switch i'm trying to get acratmetric
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[jonathan_kogan]: world i love you if no one
told you to day i do love you

[jonathan_kogan]: i really genuinely care about you and
i'll be back on for the next segment

[jonathan_kogan]: so stay too bye

Leaked Documents Reveal Boots on the Ground in Ukraine - #112
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