Britney Griner released from Russia for "The Merchant of Death" - #130

Britney Griner was released from Russia today in a 'prisoner swap' with arms dealer Viktor Bout aka The Merchant of Death. With so much going on in the world, the timing seems impeccable. Will the Russia and Ukraine conflict escalate into World War 3?

[Jonathan_Kogan]: One and we are live all over
the map what's up everybody welcome to The

[Jonathan_Kogan]: Jonathan Kogan Show I am your host
Jonathan Kogan it's great to be with

[Jonathan_Kogan]: you it's always it's always good to
be with you honestly I'm not going to

[Jonathan_Kogan]: lie to you we got great news
e got big news big news we did

[Jonathan_Kogan]: an episode i don't know back in
june july of brittany grinder because the current

[Jonathan_Kogan]: political again we don't believe in politics
however it appears people believe in politics that

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the current administration people who run supposedly
you know who you voted for run the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: united states i put that in air
quotes obviously we don't really know the people

[Jonathan_Kogan]: who really run the united states uh
said how they love they love black people

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they love lesbians and gay people they
love trans they love they love all of

[Jonathan_Kogan]: these groups that again we don't believe
in groups but they love they love lesbians

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they love black people and and they
love you right that's what that's what we

[Jonathan_Kogan]: hear all the time and then brittany
grinder goes to russia and whether you know

[Jonathan_Kogan]: she really had some weed on her
not however she was arrested and they're trying

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to free her and all of a
sudden it's just not covered in the news

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they're not going to bring nothing not
a p but they love her they love

[Jonathan_Kogan]: her because she's black she's a lesbian
she's an athlete she was like the prime

[Jonathan_Kogan]: case of of a person to bring
back and the administration they pulled through and

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they're bringing her back in exchange for
arms dealer victor bout a k get this

[Jonathan_Kogan]: this guy's nickname okay like some people's
nicknames are like oh i don't know like

[Jonathan_Kogan]: you know j k or something like
that this dude's nickname is the merchant of

[Jonathan_Kogan]: death okay so we just traded which
is as a briny grinder a gay lesbian

[Jonathan_Kogan]: anti american athlete and you know i
don't say that to be funny i think

[Jonathan_Kogan]: she she hates america as she wouldn't
she doesn't do she doesn't like a star

[Jonathan_Kogan]: spangle so all those labels we don't
believe in labels but since the world is

[Jonathan_Kogan]: very priorities labels and as many labels
as possible those are the labels that would

[Jonathan_Kogan]: apply black lesbian anti american athlete uh
traded for the merchant of death fantastic that's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: fantastic we love human being that's great
great to have her back super super happy

[Jonathan_Kogan]: and really good news is when i
did that last podcast the state department like

[Jonathan_Kogan]: scheduled like for weeks for brittaney's wife
to talk to her share or share whatever

[Jonathan_Kogan]: her name is and they missed no
one was at the same department to pick

[Jonathan_Kogan]: up the call it was like the
only call playing in like a six month

[Jonathan_Kogan]: period to her talk to her wife
and no one was there no one picked

[Jonathan_Kogan]: up but guess what this time they
had a phone call and they were there

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they made up for it they had
nine months to prepare for a phone call

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they did it were super happy that
they let brittany grinder come home so let's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: very important part here you see it's
very very good that we brought britany grinder

[Jonathan_Kogan]: back however back when i was talking
about the last podcast it was much more

[Jonathan_Kogan]: of a bigger deal because it was
in vogue to be a black lesbian anti

[Jonathan_Kogan]: merican athlete that was the thing that
was like the it was the juiciest time

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to have those labels but unfortunately for
her it looks like the current thing yea

[Jonathan_Kogan]: has brought back the jews in the
biggest spot license world work too okay that's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: just the truth okay i mean the
jews are as big now as they were

[Jonathan_Kogan]: when adolf created camps and basically incinerated
my ancestors crazy as that is like jews

[Jonathan_Kogan]: are the thing right now it used
to be black people then gay people then

[Jonathan_Kogan]: trans people right now ye has brought
back jews in the biggest tone since world

[Jonathan_Kogan]: war two that's probably true since adolf
hitler that's probably true so it's not as

[Jonathan_Kogan]: big as a deal that burning round
it's great but it's going to last like

[Jonathan_Kogan]: two days because we're in juma we
used to be in black lesbian anti american

[Jonathan_Kogan]: mode but now the jews are on
the map in a big big way so

[Jonathan_Kogan]: again this podcast is just a the
truth the state of the world with no

[Jonathan_Kogan]: filter that's just the way it is
ye has brought back the jews major biggest

[Jonathan_Kogan]: in my lifetime i've never seen the
jews on blast like this but it's happened

[Jonathan_Kogan]: we got history we have history but
it's great to have bringing back let's not

[Jonathan_Kogan]: forget that as we i think it
was probably predict of his podcast it was

[Jonathan_Kogan]: between a britany grinder again black lesbian
anti american athlete and then paul whelan white

[Jonathan_Kogan]: american mail we were like well obviously
they're ust going to ignore paul weland and

[Jonathan_Kogan]: bring back brinnygriner because it's in vogue
we were right that's exactly what occurred they

[Jonathan_Kogan]: basically flipped the bird the good old
polly polly polly wallnuts and and we got

[Jonathan_Kogan]: brittany grinder back so let's play a
little clip about bidons saying that don't worry

[Jonathan_Kogan]: he's never going to forget about paul
weland he's going to keep fighting for paul

[Jonathan_Kogan]: weland but even though he was locked
up before paul weland and he was doing

[Jonathan_Kogan]: spy work on behalf of the u
s government yeah now we need to be

[Jonathan_Kogan]: back bring back brittany grinder first thank
goodness because if we did the and then

[Jonathan_Kogan]: were gonna play who victor bout is
because when you when you when you bring

[Jonathan_Kogan]: back when you back in athlete for
the merchant of death that's just unbelievable all

[Jonathan_Kogan]: right here's a little clip from the
breaking news present buying delivers remarks all of

[Jonathan_Kogan]: a sudden guess what he now loves
black lesbia and anti american women again that's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: fine stick we're so proud all right
here we go little clip about not forgettin

[Jonathan_Kogan]: about paul weland who's been there since
two das ighteen

[Jonathan_Kogan]: yeah

[Jonathan_Kogan]: oh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: it wasn't a choice it wasn't a
choice you idiot you come on we are

[Jonathan_Kogan]: in full fledged and tie people who
look like paul weland mode of course it

[Jonathan_Kogan]: wasn't a choice dude come on so
it is crazy can make this up

[Jonathan_Kogan]: m

[Jonathan_Kogan]: oh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they have to have such mixed emotions
today we've been trying to negotiate for them

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to come out in two thousand eighteen
and then a famous athlete who just happens

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to be black lesbian an anti american
gets a rat that nine months earlier when

[Jonathan_Kogan]: you know they're trying to make us
peasants fight each other and so they're trying

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to you know they want to racialize
everything they want to make everybody they want

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to point out like things that you're
born with and can't change so we fight

[Jonathan_Kogan]: against each other and there's no end
you know and people fall for this ship

[Jonathan_Kogan]: like it's like it's unbelievable how crazy
people fall for it like we we fight

[Jonathan_Kogan]: amongst each other while the iggest wolf
transferent history happens everybody's locked their homes while

[Jonathan_Kogan]: all the elites are going and parting
in a ruba that I'm it's just insane

[Jonathan_Kogan]: but anyway apparently people have like i
mean if anything if anything was showed the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: past couple of years that people have
a have about half a brain but that's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: okay it's okay matrix will do that
to you but the point being is oh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: you know we're trying we're working to
get you out polly polly walnuts but you

[Jonathan_Kogan]: know what we got a famous black
lesbian anti american woman in and she trumps

[Jonathan_Kogan]: you whatever and again i want to
be very clear on this podcast I'm very

[Jonathan_Kogan]: happy that that bringing grounds back i
think she's one of the best women baseball

[Jonathan_Kogan]: players in the world she's fantastic she
is fantastic i mean she is she is

[Jonathan_Kogan]: so tall she's so athletic she was
so sick at baylor she blocks everybody and

[Jonathan_Kogan]: it's crazy like like she is the
human block machine and is unbelievable she's seriously

[Jonathan_Kogan]: absolutely incredible it's great for the people
have her back she probably should be here

[Jonathan_Kogan]: and paul we're just goin to stop
talking about you after today we're not gonna

[Jonathan_Kogan]: talk about you any more and then
we'll get to the merchant of death shortly

[Jonathan_Kogan]: here let's listen to joe joe a
little bit more

[Jonathan_Kogan]: yeah unless your name is paul wayland
who we ironically are talking about we don't

[Jonathan_Kogan]: at you to serve an extra day
but we really don't give a shit ten

[Jonathan_Kogan]: this is the best part so you
say like you know the country is in

[Jonathan_Kogan]: a great direction economy is great everyone
loves america and then he gives you a

[Jonathan_Kogan]: stark warning here in a second which
is very weird i thought that everything was

[Jonathan_Kogan]: going so well and then he's like
yeah i got to go to the state

[Jonathan_Kogan]: department and make sure that you know
we expect other countries to hold you know

[Jonathan_Kogan]: us people in contempt illegally just listen
to this warning m

[Jonathan_Kogan]: except paul whelan

[Jonathan_Kogan]: except paul wheelin

[Jonathan_Kogan]: except paul alan

[Jonathan_Kogan]: except paul wayland

[Jonathan_Kogan]: except paul whelan

[Jonathan_Kogan]: except paul weland's family

[Jonathan_Kogan]: why why i don't remember growing up
being told to go look at the state

[Jonathan_Kogan]: website and about countries where we're going
to be wrongfully detained i don't remember that

[Jonathan_Kogan]: i remember somewhat peace we were invading
the ship out of irak for weapons of

[Jonathan_Kogan]: mass destruction that never existed we invaded
afghanistan illegally and all this stuff but i

[Jonathan_Kogan]: was never warned to go anywhere and
now you got check the state department website

[Jonathan_Kogan]: before you go to do by what
the hell is going on man sounds like

[Jonathan_Kogan]: everyone hate us so again this cas
is to piece everything together so it's partially

[Jonathan_Kogan]: pr move right i mean please these
politicians don't have a heart this isn't because

[Jonathan_Kogan]: they love bran grinder this is because
they they do it for the press i

[Jonathan_Kogan]: mean come on man this is crazy
let's get out of here let's be honest

[Jonathan_Kogan]: with each other but again ya has
brought back the jews in a big way

[Jonathan_Kogan]: in a big big way biggest way
since world war two that's a fact okay

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the jews have been this is the
biggest jew moment since concentration camps i don't

[Jonathan_Kogan]: care where listen you might not want
to hear that trust me dont want to

[Jonathan_Kogan]: hear and I'm a jew i'll be
the first one incinerated boy boy are you

[Jonathan_Kogan]: talking take a shower you got some
dirt on you and then i go in

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the shower chemicals come out that's not
good that's not good for anybody that's very

[Jonathan_Kogan]: bad and i would be in there
okay i would be the first one in

[Jonathan_Kogan]: there they would chemical my ass so
fast it would be like i never even

[Jonathan_Kogan]: walked the earth you know what I'm
saying there would be no remains but let's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: not get too graphic let's not let's
think on topic okay so um anyways back

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to beni rina we traded her for
the merchant of death so this seems like

[Jonathan_Kogan]: probably a good trade right like we
got burning grinder grate and the merchant of

[Jonathan_Kogan]: death probably no big deal right no
big deal my favorite channel new source ever

[Jonathan_Kogan]: s m b c the best you
could tell they got talking points from the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: intelligence community where they talk about you're
goin I'm gonna pay it like two minutes

[Jonathan_Kogan]: where they're like who is the merchant
of death and they explain who the merchant

[Jonathan_Kogan]: of death is right and then they
have to say you know at the end

[Jonathan_Kogan]: but you know he has no contact
any more he's not dangerous anymore he's going

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to go back and probably work at
an ice cream shop like what like what

[Jonathan_Kogan]: all right here we go ready who
is this victor but guy who did we

[Jonathan_Kogan]: trade here we go boot

[Jonathan_Kogan]: oh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: we're

[Jonathan_Kogan]: my he

[Jonathan_Kogan]: oh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: expensive

[Jonathan_Kogan]: eh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: what kind of dumb ask remarks is
that there's no indication he's uh you know

[Jonathan_Kogan]: he's up to anything illegal while he's
been in prison and we monitored every movement

[Jonathan_Kogan]: obviously no indication he's going to do
anything when he goes back to russia what

[Jonathan_Kogan]: is like the biggest the merchant of
death okay what do you think he's going

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to do start making ice cream cones
okay what is he going to do and

[Jonathan_Kogan]: what are we talking about here there's
no indicate in you like oh you know

[Jonathan_Kogan]: no indication that he has any contact
any more like no no no impossible way

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the merchant of death all of a
sue he all we all we turned him

[Jonathan_Kogan]: into the merchant of angels okay he
was the merchant of death praise satan and

[Jonathan_Kogan]: now he is a religious christian who
loves jesus what what dude is not for

[Jonathan_Kogan]: m s c listen people we know
you have talking point from the intelligence agency

[Jonathan_Kogan]: this mother sucker is not going back
and opening a fucking ice cream shop okay

[Jonathan_Kogan]: this dude is going back at a
time to round up weapons and whip the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: ship out of ukraine or something like
that that's what he's doing or what the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: u who europe who knows he's trying
to he's the merchant of death the dude

[Jonathan_Kogan]: loves death he loves death he loves
weapons he loves drugs he loves women he

[Jonathan_Kogan]: loves death he's that type of dude
okay nothing wrong with that that's fantastic that's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: fantastic we love all people that's great
but it's probably not good for national security

[Jonathan_Kogan]: for the united states probably for if
you listen to this in the west the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: so called west probably not good for
you either okay here's the take away we

[Jonathan_Kogan]: like to connect dots on this podcast
this podcast is about connecting dots it's like

[Jonathan_Kogan]: everything is connected even though you don't
think it is so why is this happening

[Jonathan_Kogan]: right now why is brittany grinder coming
back right now did it just so happen

[Jonathan_Kogan]: that it's coincidental that the negotiations took
up until um there's going to be a

[Jonathan_Kogan]: huge winter attack scheduled from russia on
ukraine is it perhaps and listen united states

[Jonathan_Kogan]: is being run by the c i
a intelligence communities and the the military industrial

[Jonathan_Kogan]: complex we want war okay we want
war they're sick they're twisted that we're jus

[Jonathan_Kogan]: goin to make money and then we
can't lose wars and no empire has ever

[Jonathan_Kogan]: failed whatever that's the case like you
don't believe me listen to the race and

[Jonathan_Kogan]: it just appens the same day the
very same day okay today that brittany grinder

[Jonathan_Kogan]: comes back home okay all of a
sudden you got the ration co on c

[Jonathan_Kogan]: n b c basically just talking ship
to russia right in the open like hey

[Jonathan_Kogan]: we're doing everything for the uranian government
and we'll just leave it at that let

[Jonathan_Kogan]: me just play this little clip for
you i feel like it seems like highly

[Jonathan_Kogan]: likely this is happening now because perhaps
we are expecting escaladed warfare would you be

[Jonathan_Kogan]: surprised in the next couple of weeks
or definitely a couple of months that all

[Jonathan_Kogan]: of a sudden there's more of a
world war vibe going on here even though

[Jonathan_Kogan]: we're already in it if you didn't
know that I'm sorry to let you know

[Jonathan_Kogan]: I'm the one that has to let
you know we are already in world war

[Jonathan_Kogan]: it's called fifth generation warfare a lot
of its information and stuff like that but

[Jonathan_Kogan]: do you think the con be more
of physical escalation of war now that bringing

[Jonathan_Kogan]: is back because maybe we couldn't have
gotten her back are we trying to just

[Jonathan_Kogan]: provoke them and now we're like he
screw it we don't care about paul weland

[Jonathan_Kogan]: no he's just a white dude whatever
we got too many of those um listen

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to this from rathe n h rathion
what's it called the rathionco literally this is

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the um the military industrial complex united
states ready live on c n b c

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the same day that brittany grinder which
is fantastic we love lesbians we love black

[Jonathan_Kogan]: people we love people are anti america
and we love people who are all things

[Jonathan_Kogan]: okay we don't believe in labels we
don't believe in politics we believe in human

[Jonathan_Kogan]: beings in fact the print is of
this podcast i was thinking about this today

[Jonathan_Kogan]: I'm going to promote these on it'll
be one of these three corner stones will

[Jonathan_Kogan]: be promoted every day it's going to
be this is what we stand for the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: principles of this podcast forever is freedom
human beings truth that's it okay rate on

[Jonathan_Kogan]: co live today after we just traded
russia for the only person we really care

[Jonathan_Kogan]: about getting back which is grinder here
we go oh

[Jonathan_Kogan]: yeah they didn't contemplate that when they
invaded ukraine that they'd be fighting the united

[Jonathan_Kogan]: states of america but the united states
of america knew that and we provoked them

[Jonathan_Kogan]: and we want war ration lit lee
makes more money as wars become larger okay

[Jonathan_Kogan]: that is the fucked up military industrial
complex and the way it works we got

[Jonathan_Kogan]: briny grinder back so just keep your
eye out now that brittany grinder is freak

[Jonathan_Kogan]: of what is going to happen soon
hereafter with the war with ukraine and russia

[Jonathan_Kogan]: are we about to step it up
a notch because maybe we couldn't get her

[Jonathan_Kogan]: out in a month is there something
is there an offensive being planned is the

[Jonathan_Kogan]: united states trying to get more troops
to uh to what they do they're in

[Jonathan_Kogan]: ukraine to ensure weapons are going to
the right they're in ukraine to inspect weapons

[Jonathan_Kogan]: we're definitely not fighting we're just in
pecting weapons you could trust us we never

[Jonathan_Kogan]: lied about anything on the main stream
news we don't lie no no no we're

[Jonathan_Kogan]: not a propaganda network no no no
no you a conspiracy theorist fool um so

[Jonathan_Kogan]: yeah but again sorry brandy not as
big of a deal the jews are in

[Jonathan_Kogan]: vogue lesbia and black anti american women
are not or you know she her doesn't

[Jonathan_Kogan]: matter not really the thing right now
the jews are on blast shout out yeah

[Jonathan_Kogan]: my god well it is what it
is by the way for all you haters

[Jonathan_Kogan]: who think that that comment means that
he jews it doesn't mean i jews i

[Jonathan_Kogan]: am a jew and i told you
i'd be the first one in the camp

[Jonathan_Kogan]: the first one in the shower i'd
be done okay so this isn't good it's

[Jonathan_Kogan]: bad so don't get your panties up
in a bunch okay i just have to

[Jonathan_Kogan]: tell people the truth so they can
make their own decisions and then they can

[Jonathan_Kogan]: go use their critical god given critical
thing decision making skills and come to their

[Jonathan_Kogan]: own conclusions but we are happy that
we have gotten brinygrinder back and we gave

[Jonathan_Kogan]: away the merchant of death sure that's
not I'm sure he is just planning to

[Jonathan_Kogan]: open up an ice cream shop in
moscow and just live a you know a

[Jonathan_Kogan]: very low calm life definitely not going
to get back into arms dealing and you

[Jonathan_Kogan]: know uh any sort of trafficking or
you know anything with the k g b

[Jonathan_Kogan]: or whatever you call him nothing no
I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure you came

[Jonathan_Kogan]: to jesus whatever the ell that means
all right everybody news super happy about this

[Jonathan_Kogan]: we got more segments coming up today
we're on have a new episode every day

[Jonathan_Kogan]: till the end of the year we're
never going to miss a day i give

[Jonathan_Kogan]: you my word on that i hope
i don't break that if i break it

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Britney Griner released from Russia for "The Merchant of Death" - #130
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